Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thursday is all about a new Camera, Big Hair and Prada Candy!

Much excitement today as I waited for a parcel to be delivered. It wasn't my normal kind of delivery - and if I am being completely honest it didn't make my heart pound the way a Net-a-Porter delivery would (couldn't you just dive right into that black tissue paper and live in the box for ever after!) but it was exciting none the less as it was a new Camera which of course I shall require to do lots of pictures to show you all next year!

Its very pretty, and apparently takes quite good pictures too!

I have been charging it all day, so by New Year I may well have worked out how to switch it on ............

Today was a wet one, don't get too excited, it was all due to the weather, so what better way
to spend the day than trying out some lovely Christmas Presents!

If you are anything like me, hair appliances are ALL over your house. I am not entirely sure that they do not breed and create something else, that we then convince ourselves we cannot live without - until they are banished one week later to the back of the closet.

Let me see, I have straighteners (of course!) crimpers (don't ask), Tongs, oh and then I have a larger barrelled Tong for wavy looks, a back up pair of not-so-great straighteners that steam and dry hair at the same time, and a curly tong that makes you look like a bridesmaid from the early 80's so it is probably safe to say that I didn't really need to be tempted by anything else ..........

Well of course I was tempted! I saw the advert first, the glossy gorgeous hair that is soooo attainable (I totally don't think about the fact that the model on the TV has been filming this commercial for a week and that the hair probably isn't hers anyhow), No. I BELIEVE that this new product will change my life! so off I pop to Amazon to read the reviews. Wow this one IS good, everybody says so, and before I know it, it's in my basket and I have proceeded to checkout .........

and thats how I have come to have BIG HAIR!!

It's massive, it kind of reminded me of the back massager sketch in Sex and the City! The Darling Husband raised an eyebrow and left me to it.....

Well, it only bloody works!!!! Its easy. I was so scared that my hair would get caught up in it the way those scary hard barrel brushes used to always get you - but it doesn't! It takes a couple of minutes to get used to the action then thats it - gorgeous hair full of body. Ask me again in a week if it is in the closet yet, but for now, its impressed me no end and I am in deep hair love.

I was lucky enough to get new Perfume for Christmas. I am a one scent girl usually (you can torture me though and I cannot reveal what it is) so it is rare for me to try something else. I was seduced by the bottle as it really is pretty, so it made it onto my list and my lovely brother bought some for me.

So today Jools Wore The new Prada Scent - Prada Candy, its gorgeous in a kind of parma violet like way (remember the Kenzo Rose scent) its similar to that but fresher and really modern. It has been on all day and I just cannot stop sniffing my wrists. So if you like quite sweet scents, you have to give it a try. Its going to look beautiful on the dressing table too!

and lastly for today, just because I love the lilac colour that I am using when I say Jools Wore!

Jools Wore a beautiful little ring that my daughters bought me for Christmas - Its a Fox, from Topshop and its adorable!!

Until tomorrow!

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Jools said...

Thats two friends now that have ordered the Babyliss Big Hair! I should be on commission lol