Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday, Its all about Monsieur Louboutin, and a little bit of Chanel!

The Present that was at the very top of my list was the one I zoned in on under the tree first on Christmas Morning!

I had pretty much been asking (ok - driving family crazy) if this had been purchased since it was released in November, and continued asking right through December so I cannot say it was a surprise in any shape or form, but I was thrilled that Santa (and Matches!) came through for me!

So Friday has mostly been spent pouring over this incredible Coffee Table Louboutin Book.
As I was drooling over every picture I wondered if it was possible to collect every single pair in the book - a girl can dream after all - right ! But many sadly are bespoke and made only for the likes of Kylie & Dita, so those ones are never going to make it into my closet, as I think I may have missed the Burlesque boat .......

A couple of my fave pics are below, they really are complete and utter works of art, and they are not helping to control my Louboutin addiction one tiny bit.

Back in (almost) the real world we are all going out for dinner tonight, so pretty shoes must be worn (I'm completely ignoring the fact that its freezing outside and very rainy) and have painted my toes in preparation.

I am also wearing another new Christmas Present tonight, the tiniest, but sparkliest little Chanel Earrings ever! The friends that we are going out with have only just got married, so her engagement ring is still shining like the Solar System after a visit to Simon Cowell's dentist and I refuse to be out blinged this time!!

Look how cute these are!

So, in a nutshell, tonight, Jools Wore some Chanel Earrings,  Fox Jumper from Topshop, Black skinny jeans and some pretty amazing crystal shoes!

Please feel free to leave any comments, I get lonely you know ............ !

Until tomorrow

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coretta said...

Looking gorgeous as usual and loving that sign! Never a true word spoken lol

Urban Butterfly said...

What a lovely book. I long for a nice big room, fireplace and a coffee table with beautiful books like this! Loving the eye makeup today x

Laura said...

Love the shoes Jools, where are they from? X

Liz said...

Well this is going to be inspiration for us all! LOVE the earings and the whole idea of your blog, will be keeping up and mostly being envious of all the beautiful things - enjoy gorgeous! xx

Jools said...

yay, thanks lovely ones. Laura, shoes are this season Zara :)

Liz, so great to hear from you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous earrings!

Jools said...

Thanks Jo! x

Anonymous said...

Love love love the shoes. I could only dream of being able to walk in heels like that. :-) x