Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday is all about Mulberry and the quest for the perfect nude lipstick!

Hi Lovelies,

Serendipity is my favourite word. It is just such a wonderfully special word - The complete joy of fortunate discoveries. It also happens to be my favourite movie (who doesn't love John Cusack!)

And so I like to think my little shopping trip yesterday evening was Serendipitous, just because I love to say it (if only it was as easy to spell!)

Well, every shopping trip to Kingston has to include a visit to Mulberry. They have a pretty good selection there, and it IS the January Sales - It would actually be rude to not at least check out what was available surely?

And so we are greeted at just after 5pm with a lot of people milling around the counter, with frisson in the air!

It turns out that at 5pm they had received a phone call from Mulberry advising that every Autumn / Winter bag was to be reduced from 30% discount to 50 percent!!

Well who am I to stand in the way of fate ............

and so, I am the very proud owner of this very gorgeous new bag

It is the Mulberry Large Buckle Bag in Eggplant

It smells amazing and I cannot wait to use it this weekend!

Now if I had found this as soon as I had got to the shops, of course I would not have bought another thing. The buzz of a new bag absolutely cannot be topped! But I had already been to Topshop beforehand......

I really want to wear more colour. I am as guilty as the next girl of having far too high a percentage of black in my wardrobe. Black goes with everything, you don't have to think about what it will match with,  and everybody says it is super flattering - I know that it is - but it can get a tad dull!!

Plus black is not your friend when you have a cream Pug! I go through one of those lint remover things every week! So I am making a real effort to inject some colour

So I fell for this coat.

Some close up pics.

Its a really lovely shade of green. I am going to wear it tomorrow, so I will take a modelling picture for you and you can tell me what you think.

Is anybody else guilty of spending far too much time looking for a nude lipstick that is the perfect shade? I mean, really, what we are looking for is a colour that is just exactly the colour of our lips already, which is pretty bonkers when you think about it! but we want it to be the perfect shade with the added benefit of gloss and moisture.

Well I found a beauty!

It is by YSL - I could literally spend hours at the counter just stroking the products - they are completely beautiful! Shiny Gold with gorgeous detailing, and the colour is lush. Did I mention how bloody awesome the casing is!

It is called Rouge Volupte and it is Shade Number 1. Its very rich and creamy, but doesn't come out too shiny at all.

Look how pretty it is!!!

Jools wore it today! I am really impressed by it so far. Here is the colour from the YSL website, it is a little bit more accurate than my pictures as I took them this evening in the dark!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave me comments x

Until tomorrow :)

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