Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday, Keeping an "Eye" on Roland Mouret ..........

Hi Lovelies,

We fitted in a day trip to Devon today, although it is a long way to go for a few hours, it does means catching up on very important Bible reading - by this, of course, I mean Vogue .......

And January brings with it the Edited Spring Summer 2012 collections.

My favourite designer if pushed is Roland Mouret. Ever since the Galaxy Dress was released in Spring 2006 I have yearned for just one of his super flattering, amazingly cut creations (who couldn't love a dress with a patented power mesh inside it that acts like a full body Spanx and makes you look a size smaller!). 

My one problem is that day-to-day I do not live a very Mouret lifestyle! What I really need is for a close friend to get married (all you single friends if you are reading this, can you PLEASE do something about this for me!) So for now Mouret remains firmly my absolute dream dress purchase - one that I have to believe I will own as soon as an event comes up that justifies it!

I was looking at the upcoming S/S collection on line and completely fell in love with this fun collection with Eye detailing - I really hope something very similar translates in the high street soon! Eye Love It !

I also absolutely cannot wait for the Prada S/S collection to come into stores because the pictures that have been released are so out there! The shoes are, well, completely bloody bonkers if I am honest, but I think in real life they will be like pieces of art. I cannot wait to see how these are going to be worn!

The collection takes its inspiration from the Cadillac Car! Hence the rocket firing out of the heels and the flame detailing!

And the Cadillac print has made it onto dresses and blouses too!

So today Jools wore the new green coat that I purchased this week, with a slubby knit stripy jumper and jeans. As promised here are some pictures.

The coat kept me really warm on a bracing walk along Sidmouth beach in January and our youngest Daughter has already asked if she can borrow it to wear to the Cinema tomorrow, and that is a tough crowd to impress !

Because we left early to drive to Devon, I didn't have time to change bags over to the new Mulberry, but I love the way the Balenciaga bag clashed with the green.

I also wore the new YSL Nude lipstick I blogged about yesterday - it is really lovely and luxuriant. I was really happy to hear on FB earlier that the lovely Hazel has also now ordered it too - the colour will be perfect on you H!

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs, I love that you do.

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

Until tomorrow

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Laura C said...

Hey Jools. Just wanted to say I now look forward to reading your blog every evening. Love the new coat :) Xx

Urban Butterfly said...

I love the shape of the lemon Cadillac dress, very 50's :)

Jools said...

Thanks so much Laura, I love that you are reading it every day :)

M, I think the entire Prada Collection is going to be a sell out xxx