Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday brings some Chanel Sparkle, Alaia Boots & fun cups of Tea

Hello Lovelies,

I stayed up and watched some of the Golden Globes last night so I am a little bit of a tired bunny today.

I am not letting it stop me trying to fit in just half an hour of exercise a day though (although I did find it particularly tough today!) Why, Why, Why is it so easy to eat chocolate, lounge on the sofa and indulge in a glass of red, but sooo hard to get motivated to exercise? And what is this rush that we are supposed to feel after (or during)? I have NEVER felt it. It doesn't matter what kind of exercise I try, or however long I do it for. I never experience a surge of happiness! - Is it an Urban Myth? Like a Chanel Sale?

Speaking of Chanel, I am more than a little in love with their eyeshadows just now. I have never really been into eyeshadows before as I like a natural eye with maybe just some eyeliner and mascara, but when I tried these at the counter, I was intrigued!

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre

They come in glittery shades, and what makes them so nice is that they go on as a gel, so none of the glitter drops onto the rest of your face! The colours available are so pretty!

I purchased shade number 81 (Fantasme) which has become the top seller as you can use it on its own as a subtle pale silver, over the top of the other colours, or as a highlighter. Jools wore this today!
and shade 82 (Emerveille) which is a pale golden coppery colour. Both are beautiful.

 Each comes with a little Chanel Eyeshadow brush

If you get a chance, test next time you are passing a Chanel Counter, they are really worth a try.

I drank my tea out of my newest mug today. I am getting a little collection of them going!

And lusted over the most incredible Azzedine Alaia Boots!

Now I know that Rosie Huntington Whitley would look amazing in anything. Well, apart from a movie (If anybody has seen Transformers 2 they will know there IS a God - the girl might look heavenly but she cannot act) ....... however I am digressing. What she DOES do well is wear clothes, and I cannot stop thinking about these! I even dreamt about them, but when I woke up, I wasn't wearing them sadly.

They were a jaw dropping £1575 before going on sale, but now are £630. Just one other problem, they only have a size 36 left which is a UK Size 3. Now exactly how painful would it be to cut ones toes off, and how strictly necessary are toes to walking? Think of the money I could save on Pedi's!

Loads more beautiful pictures of them here:

Tomorrow will be a more active day, but for now, I am going to join our Ragdoll Boo - she has the right idea tonight!

Until tomorrow

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LNR said...

Those boots!!!!

Jools said...

I KNOW !!!!!!!!!! They are haunting me :D

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Those boots are amazing, I agree! Like you I am just an eyeliner and mascara girl, don't want eyeshadow creasing in the wrinkles but I asked for an Estee Lauder palette for Christmas after I had seen it used in a tutorial. x

pammyb said...

That Kitty!!!!

SQUISH..........BOO, I WANT U xx

Jools said...

And have you had a play with the palette yet? And what is this amazing new eye primer that is coming out that stops ALL creasing! Do you believe it - I think it might be Nars honey - will do a little search, IIRC it was due out March time!!

Jools said...

Heeheee, that is one chilled out kitty :D xx

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Yes I have had a play with the palette, I use the very dark instead of black liquid eyeliner as it is a much softer look and not so harsh. It is called Surreal Skies by Estee Lauder although its browns and not blues which the name would indicate!