Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday nothing to not like about today!

Hi Lovelies,

Well I had a pretty fabulous day today.

After a stressful couple of weeks my lovely husband arranged for me to have a massage at the Runnymede Hotel in Surrey.

Ducks in Reception - Quackers

Massages are like the best pick & mix ever. I am a Hot-Stone gal myself, but I always try and choose something that is a just a little bit different when I have the chance. I was really looking forward to today as I had booked an Oriental Compress Massage with Hot Stones. Well, I couldn't resist it after reading the burb ..........

Oriental compress massage with hot stones 1hr25m
A firm and flowing massage using steam heated Thai herbal or coconut compresses on tension prone areas. Warm oils are then used to massage the body helping to ease aches and pains and bring a feeling of total relaxation. 

The Spa at The Runnymede

Now, I am worse than Simon Cowell when it comes to judging Spa's. (FYI the best ever for me was a Hot Stone Massage Treatment at The Rowhill Grange Spa in Kent, followed closely by Babington House in Somerset), so this massage had some work to do to compare.

Well I am pleased to report it was amazing! The hour and a half flew by (I think I did actually drop off at one point) and it was a really firm massage which are the only kind to have.

OK, I am a tad stiff now, but it is that really great pain that you get when you know your muscles have been worked and kneaded!

I tried a new nail colour today too, it is a pastel pink, very Prada Spring/Summer darlings!!!!

Today Jools Wore the Topshop Green Coat (It was proper cold outside today), with a Zara V neck sweater & Jeans (nice and easy to get on & off for treatments!)

I pinned my little Multicoloured Chanel Brooch onto the coat, and carried the Eggplant Mulberry Bag.

I had fun browsing the new-in pages today. I thought I would be cool to start putting together a VOD (Virtual Outfit of the Day) as well as chatting about my real outfit of the day. The beauty of a VOD is that the funds can be unlimited!

This is the VOD that I would like to be wearing today in my virtual life!

Beyond Vintage Dress £238.00
 YSL Tribtoo Shoes £565.00
Balenciaga with Gold Hardware £1255.00

A girl can dream - right!!

Until tomorrow!

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Deborah said...

We are carrying similar bags in our dreams today! Here's mine http://www.matchesfashion.com/fcp/product/Matches-Fashion/womens_balenciaga/balenciaga-BAL-C-258045-D94J2-bags-BLUE/55470

Jools said...

oh Deborah, that blue is beautiful isn't it. I am Bal bag obsessed at the moment :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I am now obsessed with Chanel lol! I like the idea of vod mine would be black skinny jeans, black patent loonies probably Ron Ron or decolletes, cute acne jumper or Vivienne Westwood shirt, black cape by Burberry with Chanel mini and Chanel cc crystal earrings ; p Nicole x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Agree re - Rowhill Grange, love it there. It was my second choice for my wedding venue when I got married for the 2nd time 12 years ago, but I got my first choice which was in another county I may add (I live in Kent) as I had previously spent a Spa weekend at Rowhill and had seen a wedding taking place there.
Love the brooch and since reading your blog, I so wish I had kept my pink Bal, sold it years ago, thought it was a trend that wouldn't stay around long like the Chloe Paddington. xx

Jools said...

ooh N, I actually need your VOD !!!!!

Jools said...

Small world huh honey! Its not a great big place is it, but the spa is just perfect.

I don't think anybody thought Balenciaga would stay as popular as it is! Imagine if you were lucky enough to have bought loads of colours when they were reasonably priced.

Anonymous said...

I like a bit of classic dressing! I do wish the iPad would stop correcting loobies to loonies lol