Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday, Cupcakes, Chanel and Cheeky Cocktails!

Hello Lovelies,

Well Saturday bought with it a much needed lie-in after being sans husband all week. When I did arise, the sun was streaming through the windows and it was so lovely and cold and crisp outside - The Perfect Winter day. The sunshine bought the roses completely to life today.

It was a day for a nice brisk walk by the riverside (where Jools Wore the Acne Brogues again) and then a visit to one very special little Cupcake Store

Cupcake Anyone ??

A table in the Tea Rooms set for Afternoon Tea

Tea & Scones on a Saturday afternoon = perfection!

As gorgeous as the Cupcakes were, they still have a little way to go to top these incredible ones that I found a picture of recently - how could you ever eat these little works of perfection? The detailing is amazing ........

As we wandered along the cobbled lane towards the river, we found a new little retro Sweet Shop that has just opened. From the outside it looked just like Ollivanders Wand Shop (for those Harry Potter fans). They were having a photo shoot inside and there were lots of near naked male models around - Cupcakes and pretty boys - what a day!

We also went out for dinner tonight (don't you just love days that revolve around food!) Jools Wore a black top by All-Saints (past season), Zara Jeans and my Chanel Pearl Necklace to dress the outfit up a little (who am I kidding, it's Chanel, it dresses the outfit up alot!)

A close up picture of the Necklace below

A couple of Raspberry Caipirinha's were drunk.

I found this VT today. It is very funny and sadly very true - have a little look at it, I promise it will make you feel great about yourself ..........

Don't believe everything you see - The wonders of Foto Shop!

Until tomorrow gorgeous ones !

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adoreabubbles said...

One cupcake to go please!

Jools said...

Cupcake Delivery, on its way ....... !!! oh that could be a new business enterprise right there! The Cupcake Mobile

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Blimey honey, I've only just started reading and I want to live in your wardrobe already. Loving the Chanel necklace, so much! They still have the Acne on but only 50% off and after the boiler blowing up on New Years Day, I can't afford them - sob!

Deborah said...

That necklace is gorgeous!

Jools said...

Thankyou !!! :)

Jools said...

Thanks hon. Let's cross our fingers that they reduce them some more. They are the sort of boots that need no wearing in at all, they are very soft and beautifully made. They were my first Acne purchase and I can now understand why people are crazy for them :)