Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday is spent drooling over High End designer dresses!

Hello Lovelies,

Friday bought the husband back home from his trip, which bought a smile to my face. It means I get to sleep with somebody apart from Dexter (I have no idea what it says about me that I sleep better after spending time with a Serial Killer)

The weather turned today, I had to de-ice the car first thing this morning and there is a real chill in the air. I knew that by blogging about how mild the weather was earlier in the week that I would jinx it! But it really doesn't matter as this afternoon bought news that warmed me up completely.

One of my best friends confirmed her wedding date today and asked me to be her bridesmaid (what is the etiquette once you are married yourself, do you automatically become Matron of Honour?) Answers on a postcard please - or maybe on the comments page below.

I was so excited as I have never been a bridesmaid before, and it is going to be close to Christmas so it will be even more romantic and beautiful.

Well, of course, what is a girl obsessed by fashion to do when asked such a question ...........

Err ........... Start immediately looking at dresses - that is what!

Well, I say dresses, do you know that when you start looking at beautiful dresses suitable for a wedding, they then magically become known as Gowns!

Now of course, the dresses below are all theoretical, I will wear whatever colour and style the bride decides on, but you do not get that many excuses in life to look at the best dresses available so shall we indulge for a few blissful minutes at some of the gorgeousness that is out there! 

Whenever I think of a winter wedding, I am immediately pulled towards red. This beauty is by Gucci and I am conveniently forgetting about the £2790 price tag - I am sure it will be reduced by 80 percent by the time of the wedding ;)

It is a beauty in it's simplicity, but your shoulders might get a little cold in winter, so perhaps it is not THE perfect dress!

So how about something Cocktail like ;) Maybe a little piece by Zac Posen perhaps! The most beautifully cut little dress! I never discount black for a wedding (as long as it is not the bride wearing it!) as it looks so utterly classic and compliments bridal white perfectly. The price tag is the same as the one above.

BUT, there are not many times that you are going to be able to get away with a full length gown is there, so again, this one has been discounted as the perfect dress too!

So my search continued!
Well I was always going to look at some Westwood wasn't I! And the shape of the Cocotte Gold Label dress has been on my radar for ages!

But Westwood, as a Bridesmaids dress? Has it not now been over wedding-ised now by the Sex & the City movies (the least said about SATC2 the better!)

So how about Roland Mouret - This could be my BIG chance to own something of his .........

But I think you would have to be quite tall to carry this one off, so that is also discounted!

I adore this Alexander McQueen piece, Sarah Burton cannot put a foot wrong at the moment, and if it is good enough for a Royal Wedding .........!

But does it look more Bridal Gown than Bridesmaids dress because of the colour? See this is not as easy as you would think ..............

and then I saw these.
The rich jewel tones would be perfect for a winter wedding and it is nicely covered up at the top. It is by Roberto Cavalli and is £1000 - such an incredible colour!

and this by Marchesa with a beautiful cape detail at the back and is £600

They are all absolutely beautiful in there own way - so, if you could choose one dress from the dresses above, which one would you pick? What a lovely dilemma that would be to have!

I guess any of them would be nice if I could wear these incredible Strass Christian Louboutin Daffodil platforms. But sadly, they cost over £4000 - more than a small car!

So I will maybe have to consider doing the Lottery to justify those babies.

Today Jools wore the Acne Spins again (I am completely loving them) with the green Topshop coat (If anybody is interested the coat was reduced this week to half price! It is now only £40 - Typical huh!)

I also wore this Damson nail polish with a favourite costume jewellery ring and the Mulberry bag came out to play again!

I am going to dream of chiffon, silk, floaty, gorgeous Gowns tonight! Thanks again for reading.

Until tomorrow

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Agree the Cavalli is amazing, adore the colour. I tracked down the Acne on Farfetch, only 50% off sadly and still skint from the boiler blowing up on New Years Day!

Jools said...

yay 1 vote for Cavalli.
It would be worth keep checking MyWardrobe to see if they get any returns in the next few days honey. They may well get some come back in :) x

Anonymous said...

Eeeeekkk I have a wedding to shop for too! Not a bridesmaid but still important x

Jools said...

oh can you let us know if you find your perfect outfit :)

Jools said...

Thanks for your comments, I have already enabled one friend to purchase the Green Topshop coat today (naughty Kelly!!!)

Also for those who asked via Twitter, the nail polish is a new Rimmel one - I ♥ Lasting Finish - Shade number 180 (Purple Pulse). It is only £3.00 but does need a couple of coats as comes out quite thin xx

Sue said...

Really enjoying the blog - keep it up, its addictive - am looking for a recommendation for a tinted moisturiser??

Jools said...

Thank you gorgeous, Elli is trying the new Maybelline Mouse one this week that goes on as a creamy mouse and dries to a v light powder - will let you know what she thinks after a couple of wears ;)