Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday - I've got my new shoes on ...........

Hey lovelies,

A second YSL Lipstick has made it's way home with me. I have been using the Nude number 1 that I blogged about last week and have been really impressed with it. It is super easy to put on, stays put after a Latte and feels really soft and moisturising (and let's be honest, the packaging kind of helps!) How is a girl to resist? Besides, I didn't want the first lipstick to get lonely ............

The new lipstick is Shade Number 10 - Provocotive Pink

and is a really nice contrast to the Nude Number 1 as it is very bright and really brought a pop of colour today to an otherwise grey day.

So today Jools wore her new lipstick (please appreciate these pictures, you have no idea how difficult it is to photograph your own lips !!!!)

And I was super impressed with the speed of the My-Wardrobe delivery!!!!

I felt instant love for these Acne Spin Brogues, I opened the box and the smell of beautiful leather was completely intoxicating!

I took them out of the box and could not believe how soft the leather was. I tried them on (that definitive Cinderella moment where we all hold our breath) and they are a perfect fit. I do not honestly think I would have paid the full price ( a whopping £495) however amazing the quality, but with a 70 percent discount and free delivery they are up there with one of my best shoe finds. They are not my usual choice of shoe (i.e. I can actually walk in these!) but it is good to try something different.

So Jools wore them out immediately and is very happy to report that they are really comfortable and easy to wear.

On the subject of shoes, I was delighted to see that is going to be stocking Terry De Havilland Shoes.

Now De Havilland is one of my favourite shoe designers. He makes crazy, Bowie style platforms and mad Disco 70's style shoes, and the story of how I came to find out about him is brilliant.

In 1995 (yes, even back then I was addicted to Shoes) I found a pair of shoes that to this day, remain my very favourite pair - the ones I will be buried in, the shoes that look so bonkers but somehow just seem to work with everything.

They were made my Miu Miu and I fell deeply in shoe love with them.

They sold really well for Miu Miu, and were heavily featured in fashion magazines at the time.
There was just one, teeny tiny problem with this..............

Ahem, Miuccia Prada had found Terry De Havilland's archives and didn't just use them as her inspiration! Without any permission she stole the exact design of Terry De Havillands Luna shoes from him. Spot the resemblance between the Miu Miu shoes I own above, and De Havilland's designs below!

Now De Havilland had been in the shoe business for 50 years in 2011 (and celebrated his 50th year with a shoe retrospective at Selfridges). But his designs wained in the 80s and early 90's and they were forced to stop production. After Prada blatantly copied the Luna (one of his most infamous designs)  he successfully sued the company and with the money that Prada were forced to pay, he was able to re establish his design house.

It is a great story of  how a small independent revolutionary shoe designer, beat the multi corporate giant that is Prada. See, who says you can't learn something from my blog!

His new 2012 shoe collection is available HERE

I hoped you enjoyed my shoe read!

Until tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Ooooo excellent as usual, I loved the legal twist at the end! Xxx nicole

Jools said...

Thanks Hon, yes I love how he was able to rebrand by using the Money that Prada were forced to pay him! Even high end designers who complain about being copied the entire time are guilty sometimes of the exact same thing ;)

Deborah said...

Ha - I had no idea about that story. It is a totally blatant copy though! Guess you'd better stock up on your favourites in different colours now :)

Jools said...

They sure are a lot more expensive than the Miu Miu ones were back in 1995 though ;)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

So glad you are blogging, something else we share in common along with a love of Pugs! Adore your new shoes, might have to check those out!