Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday - Bing Bong, Chanel Air is cleared for Take Off

Hi Lovelies,

It was Chanel's Haute Couture Show today in Paris and Karl sure didn't disappoint!

He had a Jumbo Jet stage set constructed in the Grand Palais so that the Models could fly Chanel Air!

Flying has never been my favourite thing to do. However it just got a whole lot more fun .......

A Chanel Walkway was constructed for the models to walk down before hitting the err runway!

A Skylight that beats a window seat hands down!

Cabin Crew, take your seats - some pretty amazing staging!

Cleared for take off .........

Some views of the runway, seatbelt signs turned off!

Captain Karl!

The entire theme was Blue, with lots of drop waists so that the girls can wear a dress as easily as a pair of jeans (Karl's explanation, not mine!) Each Model walked the runway with her hands tucked into the pockets of the dresses (tres Cool!) And it is all about the Neck! Huge enveloping collars were a detail on almost every piece. 

They are incredible pictures to look at, and even if we do not stand much chance of ever owning a piece of Chanel Couture we can still appreciate the incredibly intricate work that goes into them!

Back in the real world, it has been another grey wet day. Is the weather ever going to improve?

Jools Wore a Vuitton Sprouse scarf and pondered if two together would actually be too much! I could just hatch my head out of the top!

But the evening improved with the purchasing of this weeks glossy magazines AND a Starbucks.

My VOD of today is this one :)

Lace & Velour Top - Anna Sui £171 (on sale)

YSL Jeans £365

Mulberry Harriet Bag £950

Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Glitter Mouse Pumps £220 from MyWardrobe.com

I really want to be wearing that VOD right now!

Until tomorrow, many thanks for viewing.

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Urban Butterfly said...

Love that runway, such a clever idea. Loving the 3rd picture down of the model in the pencil style lace dress with the structured jacket, so feminine. I NEED those Marc Jacobs shoes!

Jools said...

Me too, I will get the silver ones and we can have little mice feet together honey :) x

victoriarhodes1 said...

I saw those pumps yesterday on MW, I LOVE them ;-)

Jools said...

They are fab! :)