Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday's Blog - Baby its cold outside!!!

Hello Lovelies

Hope you are all having a good Monday. Errrrrr HOW cold was it outside today! We should be allowed to hibernate, surely!

I definitely havent ventured far today, I did get to play with some Nars products though!

The quest to find a red lipstick when you are fair skinned, which doesn't make you look like you walk the streets is an ongoing battle.

I purchased this one recently from Space NK. It is really good because you can just dab it on and it comes out as a matt colour without looking too done or too slick, so you can wear it for daytime.

It is Called Dragon Girl

and passed the Latte test perfectly!

I also used the Nars Multiple stick today. You can pretty much use it anywhere (well, no, not there!). It is such a great product, it lasts for ages! I use it as a highlighter 

My favourite colour is Orgasm (I tend to order this one online lol)

There are lots of other really nice colours available!

Today Jools Wore the Juicy Cords that I blogged about last week, a nude coloured blouse and my Sunday Girl Leather Jacket.

with these little boots .........

By 7pm though proper clothing was found!!!

It has got to be my best outfit yet surely - Now where is that hot water bottle and my Pug.

OK, so my VOD for Monday is slightly more glamourous ........

Michael Kors Angora Knit Striped Jumper £125

True Religion Julie Jeans £200 at Selfridges

Louboutin Corneille Pumps £385

YSL Chyc Tote £1195

Can it please be warmer on Tuesday please or it will be more of the PJ's and Uggs!!!

Until Tomorrow

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Urban Butterfly said...

I am in love.... With everything on this post today. NARS products are just fab, I would like to see the red on you. You should try great lipsticks and reds that suit paler skin tones. The leather jacket is lush, but not quite a cute as the jim-jams :) x x

Anonymous said...

Love the jeans from your vod! As for lists from yesterday I have one for my more expensive things and one for things to buy within the month lol x Nicole x

Jools said...

Thanks M!! I will take a piccie wearing the red honey, and try out that website xxx

Jools said...

They are so nice aren't they! Phew so it is not just me who does the list, this is a relief! You are going to have to tell me about your dream wish list soon - will make fun reading ;) x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That YSL bag is going on my wishlist along with the Chanel, Celine and Valentino Rockstud, I saw Coleen Rooney with the red one and the red leopard LV scarf = love! I put a nars multipule on my xmas list but nobody bought it for me, I wanted Maldives.