Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tuesday - I am very Happy to have Acne !!!

Hello Lovelies,

Well it is a little less stressful Chez Jools today (thank goodness!!!)

Helped greatly by a delivery first thing this morning (Thanks honey). Flowers delivered to the door are guaranteed to make you smile AND feel better.

The scalding to my face is not 'too' bad and easy to cover up (I was very lucky) and after our lovely plumber came, we have hot water this evening!

Never have I looked forward to a bath more! So I made sure it was a goody by using the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée products I blogged about recently. After yesterdays flooding traumas, it was honestly up there with one of the best baths ever.

So I lit a candle and dimmed the lights too!

Today bought with it the mass tidy up from yesterday's water damage, I have washed 18 towels so far and still going, so the only place to visit today was the local coffee shop for some MUCH needed caffeine. It is a better day-time alternative than wine after all! I cannot drink coffee at home, even with a lovely coffee machine - it just doesn't taste the same. So a skinny latte a day is a ritual for me.
When I am at home, it is tea all the way, and it never tastes better than it does in my favourite mug!

After a day of pretty horrible clearing up, well it would have been rude to not sit down with my cup of tea and browse the internet - right?
and that is when I got THE message from God lol.

There was no other way to take a sign like this! I was just having a teeny, tiny little look on http://www.my-wardrobe.com/ (you know, just to get over the trauma!) and that was when I saw them ..........

The little Acne boots that I have coveted all winter, in the best colour, oh and just the ONE pair left, that just happen to be in MY size AND with a final reduction and free delivery .............. well if there is a clearer sign than this that they were meant to be mine I would love to hear it! So these crazy little Acne Spin brogues are winging their way to me.

I love the quirky design of Acne, and it is not often you can say that you cannot wait for Acne to arrive! Please let me know what you think about them.

The other exciting news today was that my favourite CTU agent Jack Bauer has confirmed that the script for the 24 movie is now ready and filming should start in April!!! Oooh I could crush a grape. Kiefer Sutherland makes me go all gooey, but since 24 finished I have had to cheat on him with the very gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii Five 0). 

Now I love Jack Bauer, but I also love Steve Mcgarrett - hmmmm who would win - there is only one way to find out - FIGHT!!!!!!

lots more details on 24 The Movie can be found here.
24 Movie

So after a very unexpected couple of days Jools Wore her lovely new Mulberry bag with a squirt of Prada Candy .and this is how I am ending my evening - with a cheeky Baileys over ice and this weeks glossies.

Until tomorrow

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/

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