Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday is all about Sparkly Eyes and iPhones !!!!

Hi Lovelies,

The girls went back to school and college today and so it was time to put all the decorations away for another year.  I love how minimal everything seems once all the fairy lights and decorations have come down, although I am sure we will still be finding pine needles in random places until Spring.

As it was a stay-at-home day, so not technically a what Jools Wore day, I have a little reveal for you instead! 

iPhone cases as a rule drive me a little bit crazy! Every time you want to check a text or an email or answer a call, you have to fiddle and pull the phone out of its case, but all common sense went out the window when I saw that this one was being released. And you shouldn't neglect your iPhone ........ !

It's Chanel and it's RED, and there is never anything to not like about that! They go together like Fish & Chips, Pie & Mash, George Michael & Snappy Snaps ...... it's just something that is meant to be.

And so today, Jools iPhone wore a very fabulous new jacket. It matches my little LV wallet perfectly too!

I also had some more presents to try out. Anybody who uses YSL Touche Eclat knows that it can save you on some mornings from frightening small children - It is more than a God-send and reflects light under the eyes. It is even better since they have added lots more shades.

For years I bought shade number 1, even though it was too pink for me, because it was the only really pale one that they did, but a recent trip to the YSL counter changed that! A guy SA said immediately - you are shade 2!!! Turns out he was completely correct, so I love their products even more now as there is something for everybody. 

I was spoilt by my sister who bought me this set (Thanks Debs).

I got this gift also (Thanks Jay - Wow this blog is going to save me a fortune in Thankyou Cards!!!). It is also by YSL and is called Top Secrets Flash Touch Wake up - It is really brilliant and is fantastic to put on first thing in the morning.

It is a clicker pen (just like the Touche Eclat) and a cold roller ball emits a tiny amount of cream that you just roll under the eye - TA DA, instantly refreshes you and makes your eyes feel fabulous!

So I expect to have eyes that glisten and sparkle in no time at all in a way that usually only happens to me when drinking red wine.

I have to show you these, that arrived at Net-a-Porter this morning!

Now I love a heel as a few of you know, but WHO could possibly walk in these!!!!!!! They have a 6.5" heel and oddly enough, are called "Highness" !!! I guess we can expect pictures of Victoria Beckham carrying baby Harper while wearing these very shortly ...................

Until tomorrow 

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