Friday, 23 March 2012

13 on Friday, so much better than Friday 13th :D

Hi Lovelies,

Well our day started at 6.30am with Mia coming to wake us up to open her Birthday Presents! Awww she may be 13 now, but still not too old that she is not excited about gifts - long may it continue :)! She was one very happy bunny.

When she got home this afternoon we had tea and cupcakes, which were pretty blinking delicious!

We went out for dinner this evening.

Jools Wore YSL Lipstick no 10

Warehouse Silk Swallow Print Dress

worn with electric blue peep toes and a Chanel Bag

So we had a few glasses of bubbles tonight so celebrate a very special occasion.


and we have the last two episodes of Homeland to watch in bed tonight, to round off a pretty perfect day.

Thanks so much for reading

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Butterfly said...

Hope she had the most perfect of days. x x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Glad your daughter had a fab birthday, send one of those cupcakes down my way!