Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday brings sunshine and cupcakes

Hello Lovely Ones,

Today was really fun. It is my gorgeous girl's 13th Birthday tomorrow! So today was a balloon and cupcake collecting kind of day! I am a little bit addicted to birthdays.

How can my baby possibly be 13!!

Jools Outfit of the day is put together as follows!

Matthew Williamson Peacock Cardigan

Topshop Nude Beaded Chiffon Vest

Cyan Blue Baxter Jeans - Topshop

Kurt Geiger Tan Sandals

and I took my Chanel Mini out to play!

and I used the gorgeous Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Bubble Bath AND lit the Candle this evening for a completely gorgeous bath. oooh I could lick my own arms!!!

Hope you have all had a great day, it is apparently going to be 20 degrees tomorrow!

Thanks for reading xx

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Urban Butterfly said...

Love the cupcakes so pretty! You know I need that Peacock cardi right! Happy birthday Mia x

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday mimi! Best name choice I have a Mia too!

Now most importantly where did you get those cupcakes from? Yummmmmmmmm

I love the top shop vest!

I cannot believ you have a 13 year old let alone an older daughter, you do not look old enough

Nicole x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

She is so cute and looks more like you when she was little and blonde! I hope she has had a lovely day being a teenager xx

Jools said...

heheee, yes will put it on the borrow list baby :D !

Jools said...

aww Thanks honey!!! an how did I not know this! How old is your Mia?

The cakes came from a cupcake store in Twickenham called Sweetiepies - its a beautiful little shop :)

Jools said...

Heeeheee she is having a fabulous day, and we are going out for dinner this evening. I plan on consuming a glass or two of Champers! ;)