Monday, 19 March 2012

Dress Down (and up) Monday!!!

Hi lovelies :)

The sun came out today, and it was still light at 6.30 this evening. Only another week until the clocks go back - yay!!!!!

The youngest had her tooth extracted today, ooh I couldn't watch, so I let Daddy do the hand holding (he said it made him feel abit faint, so it's not just me!)

So I thought it best to wait for them at Costa heheheee. I did get Mimi this to make her feel better but sadly she was too numb from the injections, so I had to drink it!!!

I am a couple of weeks late to the party, but I have been catching up with Homeland. It is really good, so a couple of late nights beckon! Is anybody else watching it? I think it is going to be a great alternative to 24!

Tonights blog is firmly based on gorgeous dresses.

I saw the most incredible dress by Dolce & Gabanna and it actually took my breath away! It sold out in half an hour this morning on Net-a-Porter (so much for there not being any money around right!!!) but I have to show you it as it is stunning.

Eggplant printed Silk Organza Dress £2085

I love that the silk bra is attached and plays such a big part in the dress, it is just so very beautiful.

and how perfect would these be with it!
YSL Tribute Block Suede Sandals £695

I know it is very expensive, so I have some other really pretty dresses to show you that are available this week without breaking the bank. They are from Warehouse and I actually want ALL of them :)

Butterfly Print Midi Dress £65

Poppy Spray Dress £45

Nude Chiffon Dress with Tapework hem detailing - £85

ooh I can feel an order coming on, after all, it was Mother's Day ............

Let me know what you think of them - I love to hear your comments!

Thanks for reading.

Until tomorrow

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victoriarhodes1 said...

I share your love on the Dolce dress, it is amazing, I agree Warehouse have some lovely dresses but I do struggle with their sizes!!
I need to win the lottery at the moment as there are so many lovely dresses out there! xx

Urban Butterfly said...

I love all of them, can I have one of each please?

Jools said...

We could share it baby !!!! Although a night out for you often ends up kerb side ;) teeheeeeee!

Jools said...

Ofcourse!!! :)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That Dolce dress is amazing, love it! So sorry for your daughter, I had my second root canal today and a crown in 2 weeks, needless to say no clothes buying for me for a while, the bill is rather large!

Jools said...

oh you poor thing honey, that sucks :( Mia was lucky that it was her last milk tooth, so it wasn't painful, it just needed to come out so that the tooth behind can come down! I bet you would much rather be buying nice things instead of paying for dental work xxx