Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Hi gorgeous ones,

Well Tuesday has been one long literal headache for Jools, I woke up under a dark cloud (rumour's that it was because the Mother in Law is visiting are of course, completely unfounded), and it hasn't lifted one little bit today.

A number of Advil hasn't fixed it, even my ickle latte fix couldn't get rid of it either! My lovely friend Tanya tried to force this down me at lunchtime, but this AND a croissant still didn't help!

So there is very little to report today, which makes for a nice short blog for you!

We went out for dinner this evening. I had pears wrapped in prosciutto ham and balsamic vinegar and a salad. It was lush, but even a glass of red wine didn't help with this particular headache lol - OMG what is wrong with me! So I am very subdued tonight, which you should cherish, as it doesn't happen very often!

So tonight, Jools has all the glossy magazines to read, and a couple of episodes of Homeland and I will be back on top form tomorrow I promise!

oh and because I can't leave you with nothing pretty to look at, how about these little cuties!

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Sandals £525

oh, and I just got outbid on a another bloody Marni Coat ................ totally a Tuesday to forget lol ;)

Until tomorrow x

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Lorien said...

Hope the headache goes. The salad looks yummy! x

Jools said...

Thanks L, it tasted fab too :)

Anonymous said...

The salad looks yummy! I had one and it was awful the pictures are shocking! Carluccios have started using tuna from the spine it was black and ruined my night! Nicole x

Jools said...

Oh no N, I just wouldn't have been able to eat that :( blurghhhhhhh