Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy Mondays

Hi Lovelies,

Monday normally makes us feel a little like THIS

But today, even with a really early start thrown in, it was a goodie, as the sun was shining!

It was also a day to break in some new Loubies! Modelling pics as promised.

I am happy to report they are easy peasy to walk in!

I teamed them them with a Balenciaga City Bag

The KG Sandals also turned up today, so it was a total score in the foot department!

KG Sandals £80

My VOD today is this one x

Erdem Marge Dress - £870

Christian Louboutin Nude Cheyenne £495

Mulberry Cookie Lily Scalloped Edge Bag £595

And if you want to send us some more of the same weather tomorrow, that would be very nice, as it makes Jools very happy.

Thanks for reading x

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