Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesdays Fashion Blog

Hi beautiful ones

Just an ickle blog tonight as I am in Devon. The place where a skinny latte just means half a cup of regular coffee and broadband is what a fat bridesmaid wears around her middle - and trust me, you don't even want to know what happens if you go for Tapas ;) !

Hope you are all having a great week. I loved the sunset on the journey down this evening.

Today I had an early wedding dress fitting so that my friend could attempt to narrow down the two dresses that she is in love with. It hasn't helped, she is just as confused! Im wondering if she couldn't buy both and wear one at the ceremony and the other for the reception! (sorry Maglet, I am not helping much!)

It is also my friend Tanya's birthday today. Happy Birthday Honey, hope you had an amazing time at We Will Rock You xxx

Today Jools Wore the Zara Lace bolero top that I bought recently, and gave the new tan KG sandals a try - they are higher than you would think but easy to walk in, with some Diesel flares and a black vest top!

Sorry that I didn't do a whole outfit piccie today, its been abit hectic, so I only have snaps that I took in the car on the way down (I MUST TRY HARDER!!!)

 (I am only showing my ring to make Clairey jealous ...... heheeee)

I am completely in love with this dress that is new in at Net-a-Porter today, so it makes my VOD easy.

Roland Mouret Flared Crepe Dress - £1495

with these new Loubie Booties - sadly they are for A/W 12 so we have to wait a little while for these!

We have the Funeral tomorrow, so I am going to drink tea ..... lots of tea xx (if anybody can enlighten me as to why there are bottles of Sherry everywhere that would also be great - whats the story there !!!)

Thanks for reading

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I thought your coffee was a cake when I first saw it on Facebook lol

I am in love with this dress and I am going to buy it next month

It is so classic and stunning!

If you want great sandals or wedges Ralph Lauren are the best I have some tan ones and I can walk in them so easily xxx


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Hope all goes well today chick. Never nice I know. I forgot to tell you they didn't have that Zara lacy jacket in my nearest Zara last week x

Jools said...

Thanks S, it went really well which was nice. They still have it online, search under lace bolero, it is just a drape style so one size fits all :) xxx

Jools said...

Hi N, am back to the world of broadband :) Checked on the link and it shows me the gorgeous RL sandals!! (which are lush btw) but no dress ?? xx