Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday - Its all about shopping and friends!

Hi Gorgeous ones,

Well it was an other beautiful day today, and it was made even better as I had a day out with the lovely Clairey!

Well obviously our day had to start here!

and continued with lots of lovely shoe shopping. I tried on these Monster 7 inch wedges!!

Harrison Wedges by Kurt Geiger £190 available HERE

I was super tall in them, unfortunately walking was all but impossible as even the platform at the front was 3 inches! Fun to try on though!

We had a wander along the river (you see, its not 'all' about the shopping)!

and we went for lunch at Jamie Oliver's

We had a lot of fun with a super cute waiter ............... I met my match - there is somebody out there as happy as me (twas very spooky!)

Nad, you will like this, I finally got around to trying the Printed Topshop Dress on and I looked like a Donatella Versace wannabe - this is not a good thing! So I am going to have to keep lusting after the Dolce & Gabanna one that I blogged about last week!

This was such a no-no on me!!!!!!

But I did buy these two cute little tops!

Jewelled Front Mint Vest £28

Topshop Sleeveless Knitted Tee £22

I also totally fell in love with some Chanel Sunglasses today, so I have made some enquiries ....... I will have more details for you soon (maybe!)

Today Jools Wore

Merc Jeans by Firetrap - £60

Low backed Top - Topshop £34

I hope you have all had a good Monday, and managed to get out in the sunshine :)

oh and I had a little Marni for H&M delivery today, so you will have to come play with me again tomorrow and I will show you!

Thanks for reading x

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Those wedges are amazing! Must be great to be up there with tall people but if you couldn't walk in them, I certainly couldn't x