Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday and we survived the teenage invasion ........

Hi Lovelies,

Well we totally survived the teenage sleepover, I could still hear them giggling at 3 o clock this morning and it really made me happy - they were all really lovely girls, and a pleasure to have over.

One of the Mums came over at 9am (well it was technically 10 with the clocks going forward but still ......) !!! So we had to wake them up, I think they averaged 3 hours sleep so will definitely sleep well tonight.

So after being a top Mummy, the husband and I escaped late morning for this .........

A cappucino and a home made apple cake from Flour in Walton-on-Thames -
The cakes there are amazing and the coffee was skinny so totally
cancels out the cake ....... (Jools Logic)

We also went to see The Hunger Games this afternoon, I really didn't like it! - Oh Well, perhaps I should have read the book.

So today, I used the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara (£20)

This is just one coat, so I think you could build it up to make eyelashes look really big :)
So it is a thumbs up from me.

I also painted my nails with the May Chanel Nail Polish

and I have fallen head over heels for this gorgeous little black dress

Silk Chiffon Dress by Holy Tee - £240

and can I wear it with these please!! Jimmy Choo Feather & Suede Sandals £1295

Oh and the very gorgeous Kylie is announcing some UK tour dates tomorrow morning, so in celebration, here are a couple of very pretty pictures of the lovely little Pixie!!!

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend.

Thanks so much for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

Do you get any sleep? Are you going to get Kylie tickets, i would love to see her x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

So glad I am past teenage sleepovers with giggling girls being awake all night, so annoying! lol!

Jools said...

awww I liked it honey lol, but only because it doesn't happen that often ;) x

Jools said...

She is fabulous in concert !!!!