Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday - Dresses and Playing by the River!

Hi Lovelies,

How are you doing.

Well I had lunch today which has been planned for a while and we lucked out big-time with the weather!

We had lunch al fresco, sitting next to the river, and it is still March - pretty amazing huh!

Totally Yummy Lunch (Thanks Jay!)

Well after lunch I went for another run (I know!!!!) - but I am on day 3 now and it is painful! I cannot actually walk up the stairs this evening without wincing! I apparently need to stretch more ......... heheeee. All these things to try and remember - A serious question! How long will it be before I get ANY better? - I am rubbish AND impatient which is not the best combination!

On to a subject of which I know so much more about! Shopping

And it seems the Marni for H&M Collaboration has been a disaster financially!

Two weeks after release and after a big sell out fanfare - ALL items are now half price!

I am sad as obviously I paid 70 pounds for the Sandals earlier this week and today they are £29.99 !!!

But I am all about the positives!!! On the plus side, the sold-out jacket that I wanted and had considered paying over £100 for on ebay I got from H&M for £29.99.

I would love to say I feel sorry for the greedy So & So's who bought up all the stuff to sell on eBay for a profit lol - they are well and truly stuck with it now - let us hope it will stop them from ruining it for everybody else on future collections! But the question of HOW a collection can be half price just 14 days after release is a serious one - just why has this happened?

This is the jacket that I got for a song!
(I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago on the release date)

Marni for H&M Jacket - Now £29.99 (was £69.99)

Today Jools Wore

Swoop Swallow Dress - French Connection £110

with KG Tan sandals 

I took my girls late-night shopping this evening, and I was naughty! Ihave bought a fabulous dress!! I cannot reveal it just yet as I want to wear it this weekend, hmm or maybe next weekend with my girlies - I love having a new dress to wear and not wanting to wait to take it out to play.

As it is turning out to be a Dress kind of day, my VOD is this one!

Roland Mouret Dress (Available at Browns) £1250

It is also available in Cream!!

and I would wear both of them with these!

Azzedine Alaia Platforms £665

It would be great to know if you have anything fabulous on your wish-lists.

Thanks for reading x

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Mmmmmm. The meat platter. Just a little bit short on meat. Other than that. All wonderful. Thankyou Team Global!!!