Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter Everybody!!!

Hi Lovely Ones,

Happy Easter. I hope you all indulged in some serious chocolate action today.

I got some Malteaster bunnies from the girls. I have never had one before, err they are blinking amazing!!!

We had a big family day today, and cooked a turkey - I think it's even nicer than at Christmas.

Well, its The Masters Final this evening, it seems to have been going on for hours! There was only one thing for it, yes an ickle shopping spree online!

I have still not heard back from Louboutin yet as to why they are trying to charge me £28 for one pair of shoes to be delivered! I have emailed them twice (and tweeted them) and not heard anything back yet - so the studded Pigalles are still sitting in my basket. It's really strange, and I would love to know how they are going to try and justify it, as it is a DHL standard service within the UK, which every other designer house charges between £5 & £10 for.

So this is what Jools has found (or if you want to be picky - purchased) this evening!

Grey Tulip Dress £39.99 Zara

 and I ordered these sandals - thought they would go with it!
(they are the same as my black Crystal ones - and are super easy to walk in :) )

Suede Slingbacks £49.99 also from Zara

I was checking out Acne online as I am obsessed with their entire collection just now... I lucked out and found this little pair of shorts that I had wanted on sale!

Sensational Shorts - By Acne at My-Wardrobe

and I have these Acne pieces currently on my wish-list

Acne Lily White Sweetie Dress £260 

 Acne Lavender SweetKick Silk T Shirt £390

Acne Silk Dress £190

I love the sweetie summer colours of their clothes - they make me smile!

Would love to know what you have found online this weekend because I KNOW you have been looking!

Thanks for reading ........

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Urban Butterfly said...

Geat find, the Zara dress and shoes are hot! Here's my online finds this week Includes the shoes i was telling you about.

Anonymous said...

I need those shorts now! They are gorgeous I can give the choc a miss for these x

Jools said...

I got them for £25 reduced from £130 !!! last pair tho x

Jools said...

ooh cool, gonna go check it out :) x