Saturday, 7 April 2012

Glam Cocktails and some Alaia!

Hey Lovelies,

Well Jools was a little jaded today, I am far too old to be staying up half the night!

I had such a great evening though with my ladies, I am really lucky to know them.

Well we started out at The Bingham Hotel for Cocktails which was tres lovely.

aww this is our bartender - he made a much better cocktail waiter than he did a photographer!

We drank Rose Martini's

Clairey, Luciana, me & Maria

Oooh how glam!

We then met up with some friends and my brother! Such fun

Gorgeous Maria with equally gorge Jay x

with the lovely Shaldon Cooper ............

It got less classy as the evening moved on to be fair ............

So today was all about hangover food!

Maria went with the Cheesy Wotsits sharing bag and a Milky Way.
Luciana & Clairey went the Panini Route

and I went with the veggie breakfast ........

and we have our next door neighbours here tonight, so no chance of sleepies yet!

Thank you again to my beautiful friends for the flowers - I am such a lucky girl

oh and I say this funny and thought of Ali lol!!!

I saw this amazing Alaia dress and had to show you

Alaia Square Necked Dress £2005 at Matches Fashion

But whenever I think of Alaia I always think of the Clueless sketch!

 “You don’t understand…. this is an Alaia!”

Thanks for reading x

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Looks like a fab night was had by all! Have a great Sunday xx