Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wet Wet Wet Wednesday!!!

Hi Lovely ones,

Well I feel rubbish!!! My head is fuzzy and gives me a nice head-rush every time I get up - Head Colds suck big time!!

It rained all day too - truly a Wednesday to forget for me. I hope yours was better.

This package arrived which was guaranteed to make me feel better. Louboutin's
never disappoint after all

But OH DEAR!!! Monsieur, what were you thinking!!

My Camera cannot properly convey how HIDEOUS the colour truly is! It is like they have been painted with this!

and they completely clash with the red sole - they look like a pair of shoes you would pay £10 for from a market stall! 
I actually laughed when I opened the box - but not as much as the girls did when they came home from school - to be fair it was more of a nervous laugh to begin with until I assured them that I wasn't keeping them!

They certainly do not look like the colour they are advertised as!

So even shoes could not cheer me up today - a sad day indeed!

Here are a couple of newly released dresses from the God that is Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret 'Wilkes' Dress £1320

Roland Mouret 'Henleigh' One Shouldered Gown £1170

They are both so beautiful

I also found this pretty little dress, that had more than a little resemblance to a Peter Pilotto Dress

This dress is by Julian j Smith for River Island £80
I love that River Island Showcase Designers who have just graduated via their Design Forum

and it's a fair bit cheaper than your average Pilotto which start at around £1100!

and while I was browsing - I fell in love with this 50's inspired bikini - I love the less is more look, it is so much classier!

Swimsuit - Topshop £32

and I need to say a Very Happy 13th Birthday to my lovely niece Libby - love you honey xx

Thanks for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

You poor poppet what an awful day :( how could Louboutin do it to you! I'm in love with that bikini. There are so many beautiful ones around this season.

Jools said...

Yay I placed an order for one honey as I think it will sell out quickly :) I may need to spank the Monsieur for burning my eyes !!!, they were truly gross :D x

adoreabubbles said...

I hope you sent those right back!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I think the problem is that Neon doesn't photograph well, as my daughter found out the other day whilst taking pictures of clothes she had just bought for her blog and it sounds as though these are neon indeed! What a nightmare! Hope you feel better today xx

Michelle said...

I see what you mean! Hope you feel better soon Jools, go cheer yourself up and get one of those gorg RM dresses:)

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

That blue RM dress is gorgeous! Total investment buy :) x

Jools said...

lol DHL Picked them back up the same day - I didn't want to look at them a second longer lol!

Jools said...

Thanks honey, yes you cannot capture the true colour at all - I'm quite thankful for that !!! Still feeling rubbish, but will be better soon!

Jools said...

just owning one RM dress and I would be happy!

Jools said...

Its so gorgeous isn't it Daniella, I want one ! :D