Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday - Finally warm enough to wear a Summer Dress & ASOS Salon Collection has dropped!

Hi Lovelies,

I hope Sunday has been lovely and relaxing for you.

We have cleared the garden. It is a bittersweet moment. For the first time in 13 years, we have a corner of our garden back! It has housed in this time a massive 20ft trampoline complete with net, a portable swimming pool, and too many swings and slides and tents of every size to think about. So for it to be cleared is amazing but kind of a huge sign that the girls have grown up too!

While we consider what we will do with it, we went to the garden centre to get some lawn treatment to try and encourage the grass to come back! PC started by saying he might get a new shed, and by the end of a days browsing, that has turned into wanting a summer house large enough to home your average family of 4 (thats boys for you ..... ). He also told Elli-Rose that we needed a hoe, and she replied 'whats wrong with Mummy'

Today was warm enough to wear a summer dress. So Jools Wore one that cost under a tenner from Primark! (I also have it in the black print)

Sun Dress - Primark, Tan Wedges - Kurt Geiger

The ASOS Salon collection has landed. The dresses are all beautiful.
After the Mary Katrantzou Ebay disaster, I have ordered this gorgeous dress to try instead.

Floral Silk Midi Dress - Asos Salon £120
(I am hoping that it will be lovely so that I can wear it on my Birthday next Month)

These are also part of the collection - what do you think?

Embroidered Kaftan Dress - Asos Salon £120

Neon Mesh Maxi Prom Dress - Asos Salon £150 

Floral Applique Dress - Asos Salon £120


Floral Bandeau Silk Dress (I can so see my lovely friend Maria in this!!!) Asos Salon £95

I cannot wait to have it delivered on Tuesday to see if the dresses are as gorgeous in real life. So I will let you know very soon.

I am painting my nails candy pink as I am meeting Clairey tomorrow for Lattes & Cuddles (and I love both of those things!) and we are watching the football on Match of the Day. It was truly the most astonishing end to a season EVER and even watching it back now I still cannot believe it! 

Thanks so much for reading

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Urban Butterfly said...

I saw the release shots of the new ASOS Salon range and though it best just to get my wages credited straight to ASOS directly. I adore the one you've purchased. I too can see me in your recommendation for me :) stunning print on it. Loving the Primark dress, doesn't look cheap at all, but are you saying you actually went in Primark??? Gasp!

Jools said...

No silly!! It was that ebay seller that I bought the cadallic print stuff from! I got the two summer dresses at the same time for about 8.50 each heheeeeee x

I think it best for you to just give asos your salary too honey - cut out the middle man :D !!!!!! x

adoreabubbles said...

Those shoes match that dress perfectly :D