Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday's are always more fun if you share it!

Hi Lovelies,

I was looking forward to meeting my friend Clairey today, she never disappoints!

Elli had a Biology Exam first thing this morning, so she came with us this afternoon to take her mind off of the next exam which is Chemistry tomorrow.

So we met Clairey at Starbucks and then looked around the shops and went for lunch (surely all the best things)

Today Jools Wore

Peplum Top & Zipped Jeans - Both Zara

I picked up this dress today (I haven't tried it on yet, so will do that tonight!)

Black Jersey & Mesh Dress from Zara £29.99

Clairey has a thing about TopShop - she just didn't 'get' it! and never would enter the shop, let alone buy anything.
This may have something to do with her modelling pieces like this .........

Nice Glitter Dress there babe!

But she is a convert now, and today got 2 dresses from there, so I was very proud of her!

We both picked up one of these cute little Cap Sleeved T-Shirt dress - £20 at TopShop

Depressingly, it is still boots and jackets weather. So I found these little studded alternatives
today as they have a peep toe - How can we still be needing these in May. The are from New-look. so a great price for in between season shoes.

Suede Wedge Peep Toe Studded Shoe Boots

I had wanted to try these shoes on, as I had seen them online at Zara, but sadly I didn't see them in the store today and I wanted to try them as I wasn't sure how easy to wear they would be!

Lunch at Browns with Clairey x

Thanks for reading x

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you bought the bal hobo!!! If you ever get bored of it ; p

Nicole x

Jools said...

oh I have been waiting for a black hobo for years too N, its a love thing !!!! xx

Urban Butterfly said...

Glad you ladies had a great day, Im so proud of C :)