Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Postman always rings twice!!!!!

Hi Lovelies,

How is your week going?

Mine is going good. Both girls have had their friends over this week, so there is lots going on and lots of giggling (and an amazing smell of Pizza Hut just now. I have a question - Why does Pizza always smell so much better than it tastes?) They seem happy though and there was definitely none left for me!

As promised, I have some things to share

Hello Lovely Parcels ............

I was very excited to receive this little delivery. I am beyond obsessed (I know that I may have banged on a few times) with the Burberry A/W 12 campaign. I want everything to go with my studded gloves.
I am on the look out for some tweed Pencil Skirts, but the piece I really wanted was the Bow Belt.
At £275 for Velvet or silk though it was just too hard to justify the Burberry one (however gorgeous it is!)

So I spent quite some time finding a little alternative ruched style!

I love this - so quirky, and the equestrian theme is very NOW!

Best of all, it was reduced to £7 on ASOS! I am tempted to also order it in the larger size too so that it can be worn over the top of heavy coats and jackets - just like on the Burberry Catwalk! 

I have had my eye on this beautiful Vivienne Westwood dress since the My-Wardrobe Sale began.
I have it in the Red from last season and the fit is just beautiful!

So, I kept an eye on it, and it was reduced to 50% and disappeared. Then MyWardrobe had an extra 20% off event on all sale items and it became re-available - surely a sign .......... (yes PC, it is!)

Vivienne Westwood Tassel Fond Dress
Original price was £315. Sale Price (with extra discount) was £127!
I may wear it for dinner on PCs Birthday x

and finally, some pictures of my Zara boots that I hope will work with dresses now
and then through to Autumn x

oooh and now I have this weeks glossy magazines to indulge in - YAY x

Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

Dress looks amazing on. I too want to drapes myself in tweed as I've mentioned before always been a love of mine too. Bring on Autumn is what I say ♥

Jools said...

lets go live somewhere cold honey - altho we may not be able to wear the stilletto ankle boots in the snow !!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Pizza always tastes yuk, I smell it want it taste it and nooooo!

I want a tweed and pinstripe blazer


Looking Fab in your forties said...

No wonder you are smiling, that dress is amazing, love the print very much!

ASH said...

Love, LOVE that dress. And the smile on your face :-) I should think so too! The boots are gorgeous too. x

Jools said...

Thanks honey - want to wear it now!!!

Jools said...

Ahh thanks Ash, I have tried to follow your blog, but nowhere on there is there a follow button? !!!!

ASH said...

Hi Jools - oh no! I have no idea how I go about getting a 'follow' button... will see if I can find out. Am enjoying your blog. Ax

ASH said...

Think I have now added a button - thanks for alerting me to that! x