Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Oooh I have goodies to reveal !!!

Hi Lovelies,

My much better half is away just now. This sadly does NOT help with my shopping compulsion one little bit. I like to think shopping takes my mind off of things - there is no doubt that I shop more when he is away ............ what, it's true !!!!

I had one of those lovely days planned where both girls were doing things with their friends, and my girlfriend was child free for the day too - so we had a decadent mid-week grown up day, which does not happen very often in the Summer Holidays!

So I had time to try on some of the things that have been on my wish list (and blogged about).

The cute little Asos Fox Head belt arrived today. It is very cute.

Fox Belt - Asos £10

I tried it on for size with a Sundress

50's style Kelly Brook for New Look Floral Sundress - without the belt 

with the Asos Belt x

and a little eyeliner flick going on too

Well this is what I found today

The flocked Leopard Print Jeans from Zara came home with me

Flock Animal Print Jeans - Zara £39.99

Jersey, leather & lace T-shirt - Zara £29.99

Vest with stud detailing - Zara £19.99

Vintage Print Blouse - Topshop £28

I really wanted to try the Panelled Jeggings from Zara, and they have just come in!

and YAY they DO fit inside my boots .......

Panelled Jeggings - Zara £39.99 (soooo comfortable!)

Hope you liked all the pictures :)

Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

You did good! The leather and Lace TShirt looks better on you than the model!

ASH said...

Wow - a good haul there! I'm loving all this autumn/ winter inspiration. I really like that lace/leather top on you, and the jeggings look and sound really good as well. (Makes mental note for when spending ban has expired..!) The flock jeans look good too but experience has shown that leopard print jeans don't work for me sadly! x

Jools said...

aww thanks babe. I dont think I would have liked it if I had seen the online piccies first! Glad I just saw it in store - as it looks much nicer. I had such a fun shop today :) x

Jools said...

Thanks Ash, I know exactly what you mean about leopard print, but in real life these jeans are so dark that you have to be very close up to see the print, which I like.

Yes, remember about the jeggings - I really like the fit of them :) x

Anonymous said...

Wow what a lovely haul, but my eye has been drawn to the red shoes OMG where are they from???

Love the jeggings, and the loobies!

I have a wedding coming up and cannot find anything, if I didn't need something I would find it just like that nicole x

Anonymous said...

N, I saw the most incredible prom style dress in trd baker today - I actually sighed ! Love that I keep the same hours as me - will send u link Tom

Pink shoes in pic are Zara , red ones are new look if u mean the ones u can just about see !!!

Jools x

Michelle said...

Jools what a treasure trove of goodies you have to reveal today. Love all of your pieces..that topshop top is gorg. I'm tempted to get one too. Great shopping. PS hope you are not missing PC too much!

Anonymous said...

Amazing haul Jools - you look fab in every picture. I too love Zara - had a similar day myself, getting a pair of trousers I loved a few month ths ago for £12 and some fab high wedge shoe boots for £20! Also found a bargain jacket in white stuff so was delighted. Shopping must have been in the stars yesterday! PB x

Jools said...

I am really missing him, I dont function properly on my own! That top is a cutie isnt it - would look lush on you I think :)

Show jumping has just started :) x

Jools said...

aww thankyou honey :) Your shop sounds BRILLIANT! We chose the best day to go for sure x