Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Brazilian Hair Straightening System .....

Hi Gorgeous ones,

Well all this wet weather makes me think about hair!

I do not have dead straight hair, but I do not have curly hair either - but if I let it air-dry, I do resemble an escaped mental patient! It does a Monica and gets bigger! So I tend to either barrel tong it when it has almost dried or straighten it.

Ok, it doesn't go quite this frizzy, but I never get tired of this picture!

So, for ages I have wanted to try a Brazilian Hair Straightening treatment. Beloved of Celebrities, and now available as a home kit.

This one is not to be confused with the Japanese system which is super chemically and takes hours in the hair salons (and haa some frankly terrifying ingredients in). This one is more of a super strength hair conditioning system that you then apply, and you then use hot straighteners to seal in the moisture. It claims to leave hair completely frizz and fuzz free for 4-6 months!

So I went to the bible that is YouTube to check it out (as you do) and to see the results!

Some of them were pretty impressive - but can we believe them!!

Well, you know - I will try anything once!

I am also lucky enough to have a friend who is a hairdresser as I would not feel confident doing this myself - you apply it with a tint brush just as if you were colouring. So doing the back yourself would be very difficult. Anyway, over a lovely girly morning full of cups of tea - we gave it a go!

The system that I decided to try is this one, as it had hundreds of impressive reviews on Amazon.

You can read the reviews HERE!!! if you are interested.

For £27.99 you get everything you will need. 1 kit is plenty - even if you have super long hair.

The instructions warn that the room should be very well ventilated as the product could make eyes water - well it was a nice day so we did it outside in the garden, so no problems at all.

One and a half hours after shampooing with a clarifying shampoo and following all
the instructions - and Ta da ...........

It honestly leaves you with super soft hair!

The downside is that I now cannot wash my hair or put it up, or even tuck it behind my ears
for the next 72 hours!

For me, the true test will be when I next wash it.
Reviews say that your hair will stay silky smooth and straight without any products so I will keep you posted after I wash it on Friday.

The postman also came today!!

What do you think of the Topshop Satchel that I blogged about at the weekend?

Topshop Tan Satchel £65

I also got this Wedgewood Blue Jumper

Wedgewood Blue Rib Jumper - also Topshop £38

and my Mulberry Electric Blue boots came out to play!

I also found time to track down one of the JW Anderson for Topshop Bat Jumper! I am super excited about this. Alexa was spotted in hers again today. Twice in one week means she is one smitten kitten too!

For anybody else looking. BT2 in Dublin have a couple left and are happy to do a phone order and post over. Just contact me if you want the info

Thanks so much for reading x


Brazilian Hair Extensions said...

Thanks for sharing useful image.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That jumper looks lovely. Love the bag but worry I wouldn't carry it, I once bought one from Reiss I loved but have never used it! I have crazy hair like the woman in the picture but worry about a Blow Out, I know a few people who have paid salon prices but their hair looks no different to me!

Jools said...

I worry about that too, but problem solved as I am using it immediately. 2 days in now and I am looking forward to being able to wash it, but definitely when waking up, the back of my hair underneath has stayed straight and non crinkly, which it definitely wouldnt have done after a regular straight blow dry :)