Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A little shop, and a little look at Elizabeth Lau for Asos

Hello Lovelies,

Well I am already finding it quite tough not being able to tuck my hair behind my ears or tie it up! How are people supposed to shower? I did not think this hair straightening thing through! Sigh - only another 2 days to go! The instructions say that if it gets wet by accident you just dry it and straighten again, but I am really trying to keep it dry! The worst thing is not being able to wear a scarf for 3 days - Jools likes her comfort blankets!

Which is proving difficult as the weather is awful at the moment too! Perhaps I should just hibernate until Friday!

It was week 2 of my Pilates Course this evening, and I am really loving it so far.

This morning, PC had an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar which just happens to be opposite Zara - so of course I went along to keep him company heheheee!

I am smitten with these two little pretties and want to put this little outfit together!

Bib Fronted Sheer Shirt

Good Old Toppers does it again! Blouse £36 Topshop

and pair it with this little Denim Pinafore

Denim Zip Front Pinafore - Also Topshop and also £36!

I am thinking with thick tights, my huge new woolly scarf from Zara (when I finally am allowed to wear a scarf again!) and some ankle boots for a little bit of a geek chic look! What do we think?

I also tried on the Lace & Leather Zara Dress that I blogged about last week

Leather and Lace Dress - Zara £99

It is seriously nice if anybody is looking for a special dress for a special occasion.
The price is great and it is really detailed.
It has already sold out online

I didn't buy it, but now I kinda wish I had!

and I liked this little waffle knit top - the material is really thick though -
so would be fab for winter

Also from Zara - I 'think' the price was £35 - I will put it on the kind-of-want list for now!

This was cute too - it is a nice fabric and colour - I probably have enough Peplum
tops tho!

Bandage Peplum Top £26 - Topshop

ooh and the Denim Dress that I bought for summer that I know a few of you
liked - well they have also bought out a darker denim one for winter!

Studded Denim Long Sleeve Dress £55

And, while we are on the subject of new in pieces ......
The Elizabeth Lau collection for Asos is now available

A little bit of info on her:

As a child, Elizabeth Lau loved nothing more than sewing, making things and playing dress up in her mother’s Biba. Now heading up her own fashion label, Elizabeth Lau for ASOScollections are fresh but still unmistakeably British, contrasting sweet and cool across a collection of dresses and knitwear, often adorned with her signature love heart motif.

Lizzie Jumper £65 Elizabeth Lau at Asos

Elizabeth Lau for Asos Dog & Bone Jumper £75

Heartbreaker Jumper £65

and finally. RIP Andy Williams
I wasn't introduced to Moon River until the Sex and the City days, but what a beautiful song, and it is how I  will remember him.

Thanks for reading x


Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

I love that black long sleeved peplum top, it looks lovely on you... You should've bought it!

Also think that Heartbreaker jumper is going on my wishlist :) I have a thing for jumpers at the min! Xx

Jools said...

awww thanks sweetie. It was just such a heavy material that I just thought, oooh abit early yet - but no doubt like everything else at Zara it will sell out and I will have regrets!

The Heartbreak jumper is soooo cute. Let me know if you cave and buy it ;)

Talia_Jayne said...

What was the fit like on Zara lace and leather dress? Considering an eBay one but it's £150 so want to be sure. Also how short? I'm 5ft8...x

Jools said...

Hi Talia, the one I tried on was the medium. It is very fitted, and has the dreaded side zip! I would go one size larger if you want it to be longer as it will drape in the body then as opposed to clinging.

But all the stores are restocking this dress, so please have a look before going the ebay route. My store had every size in at the weekend and that way you can always return it if its not right :)

Talia_Jayne said...

Think I'll need a large then, thanks for the tips! On the hunt for a large, wish me luck! xxx