Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dreamy Fashion, Dreamy Dresses and awful shoes!

Hi Lovelies,

Aww Paris Fashion Week, I have been indulging today and looking at lots of shows online with my Costa Coffee - a pretty lovely way to while away a Sunday afternoon!

I was really looking forward to the Celine show, and the clothes were so beautiful and the draping devine, and I know that everybody is going to go bonkers for the paper bag style leather bags BUT the shoes ....... oh no, no, no. We need to talk abou the shoes! They are all kinds of wrong! I am blaming it on Pheobe's pregnancy - it must be doing some very strange things - it is the only plausable explanation!



There are simply now words for these!

We also took Pooky Pug to Bushy Park for a long walk - I love the start of Autumn when the leaves are changing - and the conkers are on the ground.

Jools Wore

Tailored Shorts - Miss Selfridge, with very thick tights!

with oversized black knit jumper that I blogged about recently from Topshop

with this Topshop Blouse underneath so you could just see the pearl detailed collar

and I know that I don't 'need any more jackets - but I am in love with this biker style tweed one
from Zara


Fantasy Tweed Zipped Biker Jacket - Zara £89.99

and lastly for today, Holly Valance has just got married in a fairy tale setting in Beverley Hills to Billionaire Nick Candy. Poor Nick, for years I was thinking that Billionaire was his first name as it is the only way he is ever described .......... !

What do you think of her dress?

Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

Oh no, awful shoes, made my poor eyes bleed. Who took big bird's feet! I'm not a fan of that dress Holly chose, I like the veil tho!

Urban Butterfly said...

Oh dear..what awful shoe and who would cut off big birds feet like that. I am not that keen on Holly's dress, I do like the veil though.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe those shoes - hideous on the models so what hope is there for mere mortals?! What were you thinking Philo?

You look great as always and as for Holly, well the dress overwhelms her. It's not my style of dress but I can appreciate it for what it is and think it would look so much better on someone like Sofia Vergara who has much more presence and exotics looks to balance out everything that's in the dress. In fact I think there's at least 3 dresses in there :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh god the shoes are hideous!

I am afraid I do not like Holly's dress at all x

Most importantly the Chanel bag which style is it?

Jools said...

Me too! The dress is just completely too much - she looks almost comical in it!

Jools said...

Im blaming her pregnancy hormones.

Thankyou doll - I think you could make 5 wedding gowns out of that one!!! :D

Jools said...

Love your Priorities.

Its the Chanel Mini Flap :)

Anonymous said...

:-D And how nice the groom dyed his hair to match her bouquet - ok I must stop, my own wedding photos don't stand up to scrutinity either lol!

Jools said...

heeheheee I hear ya - how many of us would choose the same dress that we did the first time around - or the bouquet that was the size of my body - too funny :D!! For such a rich couple - they sure did look tacky tho!