Saturday, 29 September 2012

The one where we get to meet one seriously talented Wedding Dress Designer!

Suzanne Neville

Hi Lovelies,

Well today was very special. My friend is getting married in a few weeks and of course has chosen her dress. But today was the day we actually got to meet Suzanne Neville, the wedding dress designer - for a Toille at her London Store.

A Toille is a calico fitting of your dress. So that it can be measured within a milimetre to your body for a completely bespoke service.

Holly Willoughby did a fab VT of meeting Suzanne so that you can see how the process works. It is really interesting. The woman is a genius and makes a piece of cotton that will be thrown away after, look like a beautiful fitted gown! She is lovely too!

Below are just a few of the beautiful outfits that she has designed - this designer sure knows her way around a corset!

She absolutely has the dream job - and deserves it completely as she is so talented - it truly was a pleasure to spend just a little bit of time with her watching her work her magic.

So we definitely needed a celebratory glass of Champagne and some lunch after that!

I also went into Louis Vuitton to try on the new Rose Pop Sprouse Scarf

I am obsessed with these scarves and am lucky enough to own a couple already, so faced with a colour this gorgeous, I thought it was a done deal and that it would be coming home with me!

BUT, the size has been drastically reduced! Although it is now more expensive than it has ever been the size makes it now much more of a scarf than a stole.

My first two I can use as a blanket! They are so vast that I can wrap them around 3 times and if I leave them hanging loose,  they both fall well below the knee. This new one didnt reach my knees at all - it has lost its luxurious size and feeling of complete luxury - and for £490 that is not OK at all.

I will stick with the considerably more lovely ones that I already own and enjoy those!

Chanel is super well stocked at the moment as well. I had a lovely stroke
of some of the new in bags - Purple and Blue are some of the new in colours for winter - with the
Boy Bag available in Purple leather this week - and the much coveted velvet in the next couple of weeks!

And after all this, we still found time to check out a potential venue for the Hen Party
(I am taking my Bridesmaids duties very seriously)

So tonight finds Jools with a glass of Baileys and her PJs on - a great end to a fabulous day!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Thanks for reading x


Miss Nadia-Naz said...

Gahhh i didn't realise you bought it!!! An LV high five!! expensive but goddamn it it's worth it!!!! I hope they bring the longer length back next season! <3 X

Miss Nadia-Naz said...

Also words cannot describe how impatient i feel about the arrival of the Velvet boys! The display ones in the office have been stroked many times! I don't even know if i can pin point my fav colour! x

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

Wow she designed some amazing dresses!

Also loving that blue Chanel bag :) x