Thursday, 20 September 2012

Happiness is - A cosy new scarf!

Hi Lovelies,

It was a late night shopping evening for Jools. I love evening shopping as it is nice and quiet (if you time it right!) so you can have a really good look at what is new in without the shops being too crowded.

I love scarves so much. They are like my nu nu comfort blanket. It sounds odd, but I am always happier when I have one on! They make me feel secure and comfortable and I wear them right through winter, probably more than any coat I own! I love my Louis Vuitton Sprouse ones, but I wanted something just as big, but slightly thicker and preferably that wasn't patterned.

Zara, as always, came up trumps! They have such a great selection of scarves, and this one is so big I can wrap it around three times!

The colour is actually more of a forest green than the teal colour it looks under the dressing room lights, so I will take more pictures in daylight tomorrow :)

Angora Stole - Zara £29.99

I totally love it!

I have some other reveals to show you, so will take lots of pictures tomorrow

Thanks for reading x


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Do you know what, I struggle with scarves, love them but since I got the Louis must be 4 winters ago I find it hard to be parted from it, except when I have got the leopard print coat on!

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely scarf. I'm relieved I don't need to buy a new one this year - unless my moth proofing has failed in a spectacular way and they are full of hole! Oh gosh I hope not!