Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday brings Girly Heaven ............

Hi Lovelies,

Getting ready to go out somewhere special is often just as much fun as the actual going out - In fact I can think of a few nights out where the process of getting dressed and ready WAS more fun than the evening turned out to be!

We all have our own rituals - if we are lucky and can luxuriate you can take a couple of hours - painting our nails, taking a lovely hot bubble bath, popping on a conditioning hair treatment or face mask (always, always to music!) - but even when we are in a hurry surely THE best part is applying our make up?

Deciding what look you want to go for, and what colours will work with the outfit - and playing with all the gorgeous make up that is available - the packaging just draws us in! 

So I think that we all should have somewhere super special to make up our faces! It doesn't need to be a huge space - a work desk can easily double up as a dressing table

But for as long as I can remember I have wanted a hollywood style area to make being a girl EVEN better - just imagine being a boy - how boring it must be for them!

Of course in my fantasy world, it would be inside my huge Carrie Bradshaw-esque dressing room, surrounded by chandeliers and designer pieces obviously - but until the children leave home and I can knock right through heheeheee, I have had to be a tiny bit more realistic!

So please let me introduce Jools very own Dita moment. I am so excited I cannot begin to tell you!

I used some tea light holders that I had in the cupboard as holders

My Vintage Chanel Vanity Case with Chanel goodies in! 

and I found a little silver tissue box holder in Ikea - very hotel chic!

Finding a hollywood style mirror is so much harder than you would think. You just cannot find them anywhere so we had to customise and it took a little while - but the end result is gorgeous. The lights when on are so bright that I am a little worried that planes might try and land on us!

I also used some designer carry bags that I had and framed them. It is such a fun way to display them. So you can see I have been a bit of a busy bee today - it has been so much fun though.

If anybody needs details of how we did it - just ask, or I can add the details to the blog.

Thanks for reading - the girls go back to school this week so normal shopping service will be resumed!


Anonymous said...

Soo beautiful, very lucky I'm showing my hubs as I've got a house full of boys and am screaming for my own dressing table

Jools said...

aww with a house full of boys - you more than deserve your own Dressing Table. Let me know who you are, as it comes up as anonymous :) !