Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cute Kenneth Jay Jewellery and a touch of Chanel :)

Hi Lovelies,

It certainly felt like winter today! The wind was howling, although not quite as much as it was 25 years ago today. Does anybody else remember that night when all the trees came down all around us? I can't believe I remember it so clearly - Gah I am so old :D

I was meeting two girl friends for lunch today which was lovely.

I picked up my Bridesmaids dress fresh from its alterations today. So I need to try it on again to make sure it is right now.

And I found these pieces of jewellery on The Outnet which I hope will work well with it.

Green Crystal Earrings - Kenneth Jay Lane at The Outnet were £125 now £63

Green Crystal Gold Ring - Kenneth Jay Lane at The Outnet was £70 now £35

They should arrive in a couple of days so I will tell you all about them soon!

 Jools Wore my fluffy mink coloured beanie from Asos Today

a pretty fab buy at £8!
and I styled it up with a Chanel Brooch :)

and a blush coloured shirt

Thank you for all the comments on colour choices for the Birkin. The Blue Jeans colour is the one
that has my heart the most at the moment, but it is whether or not I can find it - the searching is the fun part anyway, and you just know I will change my mind a few times.

Oh and my gorgeous husband sent me this picture last night - but refuses to tell me what is in there!
How mean is that ............ !

Thanks for reading x


ASH said...

Oooh - exciting parcel - what a nice husband you have!

I love the blush pink colour on you - really suits you. x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

The jewellery is gorgeous darling and will look amazing with your dress! I am so excited to see you in it all!!

Jools said...

I know, he is lush! Thanks so much Ash - I love nude and blush colours :) x

Jools said...

Aww thanks S, will let you know what it is really like when it arrives!!! Love the colour tho :) x

Anonymous said...

Very sweet and shrewd of your hubby to be buying things from H Paris I assume, because you have got to be in with them for even the smallest chance of being offered a B in future.
LOVE your outfit and I have the same earrings in both the emerald green and yellow in my Wishlist lol! But there they will stay on account of H! You're in dangerous territory with getting a B, you know that? I wouldn't be surprised if she were to be your f i r s t and not the *only* one......:-)

Jools said...

Heeeheee, aww bless, no he wasn't thinking that! I have a couple of Clic Bracelets already and he was at Heathrow waiting to board, so I do not think they register your details at the Duty Free ones, and def cant get friendly with an SA there!

I would love to just get the one - honest !!! would be so happy with that!

Poppy Clarke said...

Oh my goodness, those earrings and ring are stunning!! I've always felt that emerald is one of the more striking and beautiful stones, and those pieces just prove it right. I love the idea of putting a brooch in a beret as well, I may just have to be cheeky and try that myself!

I wonder if you'd like to have a look at my little website, I've only just started it so it's still very small! It's basically a little directory of all my favourite classy shops and what I love about them. If you'd have a look and maybe help me to spread the word that would be amazing!! You can find it at http://cherryblossomhandbook.blogspot.co.uk. Thank you so much!

Poppy ♥