Sunday, 21 October 2012

I appear to have OCD for CDC's !!!!

Hi Lovelies,

Well I was allowed to open my gift from the Husband.

He had promised to look in Hermes at Terminal 3 for a CDC for me, and while he was there, he was actually on the phone to me, and he assured me that they had absolutely no leather bracelets there!

So (as you might know from a recent blog), I ordered a Cigar coloured one directly from Hermes that I am so happy with. So I was more than a little bit excited when PC sent me a picture of a hermes box and bag while he was away!

Well, I am the luckiest girl ever - my husband it turns out, is a very good liar ......

You wait ages for one Hermes, and then two come along at once - like the best buses ever!

PC found me the black with palladium hardware

With Cigar colour

and with my Hermes Clics

I love that they all compliment each other pretty well
so you could wear them in lots of different combinations!

Thanks for looking xx