Friday, 19 October 2012

Obsessed with Coats .............

Hi Lovelies,

YAY, the husband is home! I am very happy about this. Can you believe he hasn't let me open my orange bag yet! Some nonsense about me having to be patient - does he not know me at all!!

I did ofcourse pick up the bag for a peek, and the box is HEAVY!!! hmmmmm kind of a weight that I have gotten used to already this week ............................

heheeeee, gosh I need to keep him busy and away from my blog this evening ;) lol!!

So everything is happy Chez Jools, and I am looking forward to actually sleeping so soundly this evening! This has been helped considerably by dinner out and a few cocktails tonight .......

I may have bought just one more coat! I couldn't resist it. If I even mention one more coat or jacket, you have my permission to shoot me!

Well, I couldn't leave it behind could I!!

Grey Zip Funnel Coat with Leather Sleeves - Zara

and I saw this fine pleated top in Oliver Bonas. It has a little leather collar detail

Pleated Blouse £40 - Vera Moda for Oliver Bonas

and today, it was raining all day, so Jools Wore leather jacket by Sunday Girl
with Zara boots and top :)

I promise to keep you posted on what's in the orange bag ......... 

Thanks for reading x

Until tomorrow

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