Sunday, 28 October 2012

Remembered to put the clocks back ..........

Morning Lovelies,

And how good was the extra hour in bed this morning!

I am feeling remarkably sober after a night out last night at a birthday party, which was good fun.
Although I may have eaten a serious amount of Giant Chocolate Buttons late last night when we got home. BUT, when the clocks went back those calories were lost in the time space continuum .............. so it is all good ;)

Both our girls have got up early to go to the final day of Expo, which is a comic convention! So I am looking forward to seeing their piccies later as lots of people dress up. Elli has dressed in a Manga kind of style! But it makes for a quiet day Chez Jools.

It was freezing out last night. My daughter the style guru told me that I 'must' wear a dress, as it is a party  - and who was I to argue (well, my legs did if I am honest - they argued with it quite a lot, they were so cold!) but brave it I did! Jools Wore

Red seam waist dress £50 - just in at Topshop
Its soo nice! Really thick material, so perfect for winter

and the Ring that I had ordered from Sworovski arrived already, so I tried that out
(yes I know it is for the wedding, but it matched and I don't wear red often!)

and finished with Patent Louboutin's :)

So, PC and I are going to take advantage of a quiet day and go out for brunch.

I am going somewhere super exciting later! I promise I will reveal all very soon!

What are your Sunday Plans?

 Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

Red really suits you. Loving the toppers dress fits like a glove x

jude said...

Beautiful dress, and you are looking soooo slinky after all those 100's!!

Off to kids cinema showing, Ikea, and trying to find a grim reaper costume...not for me I hasten to add!!

Happy Sunday!!


Jools said...

Morning Lovely :) Thank you muchly. I dont wear red very much - I always feel its a look at me colour, but this one was a nice dark red and thick fabric so I kind of fell for it :) x

Jools said...

Heheeee maybe we should start wearing dresses to Pilates babe - its the future!! Gosh that sounds like a busy day! Ikea on a weekend though - that is complete madness :D

ASH said...

Love that dress on you, it's a great shape.
Hope you enjoyed that special brunch! x

Jools said...

Thanks so much Ash. Oh we so did. French toast with fresh fruit, maple syrup and some crispy bacon on the side!!!! Lush x