Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Beautiful Mulberry Bag but I need your advice please

Hello lovelies,

We have had such a great weekend. Last night we finally got around to seeing Skyfall and the very beautiful Daniel Craig - oh wow, he kind of looks more lived in and gulp, older this time around - and he looks all the better for it! It was brilliant, and we went out for dinner and cocktails after - so a pretty perfect day all around.

It was made even better by a delivery earlier in the day!

This Mulberry bag was the only bag from the collection to tempt me the whole season. Right from the start I loved the campaign pictures, and I loved the colour, and the Chanel Tweed edge to it - the only thing I did not love about it was the price, so Jools was patient and earmarked it as a sales wish list buy.

Of course, in my dreams, it would go to 50% off immediately (yeah right, because that always happens with Mulberry - but a girl can dream right!)
so when Start London sent me a 30% off discount with Mulberry Included I jumped!

They only had the regular Lily size, where as the one I had been coveting was the new large Lily
but I needed to try this and see. So I hit purchase, they only had one bag and I got it ......

Mulberry 2012 Exotic Flame Tweed Lily

Well, now Jools is torn. This is such a gorgeous little bag, and because I do not carry much stuff around often, I can still fit what I need in there for daytime, and it makes a perfect size for evening too


it is very similar in size to the Chanel Mini and I really loved the look of the larger one

So girls, I need your help! Should I keep this Lily, or return it and hope that the larger one
makes it into the sale and that I can grab one??
This bag is £795 and I got a 30% discount and the larger one is £1100

Help me please!

Its not a bad dilemma to have really is it ............

Please Let me know your thoughts x


Michelle said...

I'd say go with your instincts and if it doesn't feel right return it. Its rather cute though. Glad you enjoyed Skyfall. I rather liked DC and thought Javier was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Jools.... You wouldn't wear it as you would go for the chanel (even sim colourways) so return it + hold out for the larger one - am pretty sure it will be in the sale.PBx

ASH said...

I would also return! Good luck with the sale. x

Style At Every Age said...

I think I would keep because you got it for such a good price, bloody hell even I could have afforded it! had you have paid full price I would be more torn but its nice to have another option and if you manage to get the larger one in the January sales, then you can always sell this one. x