Monday, 3 December 2012

Amazing news for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on a Manic Monday

Hi Lovelies,

Well, apparently, we have spent £10k every 2 seconds online today! (PC it wasn't just me, I promise)
Yes Mega Monday arrived and it is was biggest ordering day of the year - peek times spiked at lunchtime and 9pm this evening.

I definitely could not get onto Topshop (they are offering free delivery without any minimum order) and most sites are running very slowly. Christmas is almost upon us people! How very exciting.

But nowhere near as exciting as the confirmation from St James Palace that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first baby. What beautiful, happy news, and it really does top off the most incredible year for Great Britain. 
They really do seem like the cutest couple ever and this is the cherry on the top of the cake.
The announcement was made earlier than they would have liked due to Katherine having to go into hospital.

The Duke was pictured leaving the Hospital this evening. Kate is suffering from acute Morning Sickness so is staying for a little while. We all want everything to be fine for them both.

I wanted to thank you all for your advice on the Mulberry Tweed Lily. The general concesus was that it was lovely but that I should hold out for the one  I really want, as the size and colourway are too similar to the Chanel - and I do agree.
It was very difficult to wrap her back up in her box today though and send her back.

I really do love the size of the Medium (the Cecily) and I am going to stalk all the sites to hopefully grab one on the mornings of the sales - but things were made slightly more complicated today by the arrival at Net a Porter of S/S 2013 bags.

This one is soooo gorgeous!!!

Would it be better to get a leather bag from the brand new season???
(even though obviously I would have to pay full price)
I adore the colour and I don't own a nude bag!

Mulberry Cecily Snake Effect Bag £1100

What do you think I should do! You know I always love to hear your thoughts x

I also wanted to show you this fabulous Alaia inspired belt by Topshop
It is laser cut leather and would make even the simplest of outfits look beautiful

Topshop Leather Laser Belt £40 

And these are some Alaia ones. Their laser cut ones start at around £900!

Thanks so much for reading

Please let me know how you are getting on with your Christmas Shopping!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, didn't the last light coloured bag you had get blue jeans marks on it...Chanel pink? - PC

Urban Butterfly said...

Glad you held out, think its a wise decision. That laser cut corset belt is stunning!

Jools said...

Stop remembering stuff Babe ;)