Sunday, 9 December 2012

A brilliant early Christmas weekend ...........

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of blogs for the last couple of days. Christmas is creeping up and we were away this weekend, so it is a busy time, but let me fill you in on what I have been up to.

On Friday I took my Mummy Christmas shopping in Richmond, she did really well and got lots of her gifts, and we sat and had a lovely lunch by the river, marvelling how quickly December is disappearing!

Richmond was looking beautiful

This weekend, we were all staying with some special friends and we had our own early Christmas Dinner complete with Christmas Crackers and lots of Champagne - I was super excited about it!

Now a weekend away, of course meant that the Vanity Case could come out to play.
So here she was all packed up and ready to go on an adventure

So you get an idea of size

I kinda thought, it is not fair to take her away without taking Kelly along too

Now that is some major Arm Candy going on ...........

although the case is so heavy - it is definitely something to pass
to your personal butler (or failing that, your husband) to carry after a while .......

Jools Wore a Hybrid Dress, Louboutin Heels and a Zara Coat

 After our Christmas Turkey dinner,
we had the most amazing Banoffee Pie for dessert

(Thanks to Lorraine, you are an amazing cook!)

and this picture pretty much sums up our evening

Nice Pineapple Delboy!

So today we got up early to go to Birmingham and have a look around Selfridges

Bully was looking very festive!

Happy Bag Shots at the Bullring!

a couple of these were consumed in the Champagne Bar ......

Well in the designer section, all of the A/W clothes although not labelled are in a secret sale of 50% off already!

Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret, Vivienne Westwood, Lanvin - oh my goodness, they were
all included

BUT, sadly 90% of the items left are XS or size 8, but the discount was incredible.
I found the most amazing McQueen dress in my size but the zip broke
(all your fault Vic, she didnt want me to have it lol!)

I did buy a little something, which I will reveal soon!

We had such a great weekend, I hope you all have too x

Thanks for reading

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Oooh banoffee pie looks amazing!!!