Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A LVely early Christmas Present for Jools ...........

Hi Gorgeous Ones

Well, we woke to a smattering of snow this morning and it was so exciting!!! I know it is not practical, but it is so lovely when it is freshly fallen. Everything looks so clean and new.
Do you think we will get more that will actually settle? Ooooh I hope so!

Today was so, so exciting.......

I know technically I should not have this gift for 20 more days yet, but I was allowed to have it early as I have lot's of use for it over the next couple of weeks. So it was very much like Christmas Day had came early for Jools when I ripped open multiple boxes this afternoon to reveal this absolute beauty.

I have to give you some background. This is an absolute dream for me. I always think of Marilyn wiggling along the platform in some like it hot carrying a case like this, and I have been looking for the right one for a while. In my mind, a wiggle dress is a necessity with this - and I am so so, so thrilled!

These cases were originally known as Train Cases. Made by Louis Vuitton, you can imagine them seeing lots of naughty goings-on aboard the Orient Express and they were the ultimate travel accessory. 

They are now known as a Boite Flacon which roughly translated means box for Perfumes bottles

Lady Ga Ga rocking hers - I now know why she looks so pleased with herself!

So please may I introduce you to

My Vintage Louis Vuitton Vanity Case ..........

Inside is a leather Jewellery Box

which opens and has a mirror in the lid that then sits inside the lid of the case

and then you can remove the case completely, or leave it upright

and then you put your toiletries in the leather straps and adjust them to size
and loads of room for boxes, bottles, potions, make up bags etc ......

To be fair, I was more excited about it than Lola ........

I have spent all afternoon cleaning this baby, and making it feel like mine!

We bought some specialist leather cleaner and cleaned and softened the whole case.

Inside and out it now looks sooooo good!

PC cleaned every single brass piece of hardware
(he masked all around the hardware so protect the leather casing)

They looked like this when it arrived (the case is approximately 40 years old)

and after buffing, they now look like this - the difference is huge

When I am not using it for travelling, I am going to use it to store all my make up
and special perfumes, and keep it out on display next to my Dressing Table

I hope you love my case. I cannot wait to carry it

Thanks for looking x


Urban Butterfly said...

oh wow! I want to see it too when it's all packed. I also think it's very Dita too♥

Michelle said...

Jools she is gorgeous! I bet you are in LV heaven. And well done to PC for the marvelous polishing!!!

Style At Every Age said...

Utterly gorgeous x

Jools said...

Will definitely take lots more piccies when it has all the goodies inside honey :) x

Jools said...

Thank you darling. I am !!! PC missed his calling lol - it looks amazing now x

Jools said...

Thanks honey, im so in love! x

Anonymous said...

Lovely, although hard work to clean, perhaps you can warn me of the other thinks that you have been looking at for a while:-) PC