Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hollywood Glamour came to a Wedding at the Aviator ......

Hi Lovelies,

Well we did it! The wedding was simply amazing. Everything went perfectly, and everyone had a beautiful time. So I need to tell you all about it now, so make sure you have a cup of tea at the ready - there is lots to say!

The wedding theme no longer needs to be a secret (thank goodness - it was hard to keep!). The wedding venue and the Brides dress became the reason for our particular look. It was completely the Dresses fault!! Designed by Suzanne Neville it is called Lombard, and it is named after Carole Lombard. Suzanne designed it with Carole completely in her mind. She was a huge starlet in the 1930's and she hit a resonance with us as she was uber famous at the time despite being just 5ft 2" tall! She was everything that evoked the period, think pin curls, and amazing volumous dresses - the absolute height of glamour.

And so the wedding took on a hollywood glamour / starlet feel - but we were very conscious that because it is a wedding, you do not want it to veer into costume territory - so there was a fine line and we needed to be on the right side of it!

Lots of research was done, and in the end, it was Strictly Come Dancing that came along
at just the right time!

Denise had looked amazing doing the Waltz and her hair, I felt, was exactly how my look could come together - Thanks DVO !!!

which is how, yesterday, thanks to a beautifully talented make up artist, this happened

This is my very beautiful friend - I was so proud to be her Maid of Honour
It was a really emotional, and special day

I do not want to put too many up of the bride yet as her official
pictures are going to be ready soon and I don't want to ruin the surprise for her - but she looked so stunning

we carried simple ivory roses

My dress was by Marchesa

It has crystal on the shoulders and oversized bow detailing

and Christian louboutin's (they were stunning - if not comfortable!!)

and we kept the nails very simple too

with my gorgeous looking girls (I was a very, very proud Mummy)

and my very dapper husband!

I also wanted to show you the stylish way we spent the night before the wedding
It started off so nicely

Travelling in style!

I would love to tell you it was a quiet dinner and a couple of drinks - it honestly did start out that way

BUT - there were Christmas Parties at the hotel and it would have been rude
to not crash them - err both .............

 Well, you can't be glamorous ALL the time can you ........ !

and I like to think it kept the brides mind off of the big day.

Maggie and Gordy bought me this very beautiful
gold necklace as a gift (I could get used to this bridesmaids gig)
Thankyou Darlings x

Leaving today was very difficult - we are back to reality but we
have some pretty amazing memories of a very beautiful day

Congratulations again you too - love you loads - and wishing you a lifetime of joy

Thanks for reading x

Shall we open another bottle of Champagne ...............


Michelle said...

What a wonderful day i must have been. You all looked beautiful. Loved your look Jools and the bride's dress was stunning.

Jools said...

Thankyou so much M, yes it was a pretty perfect day :) x