Monday, 17 December 2012

Warning: Super Soppy Post ...... Reminiscing on a beautiful year

Hi Lovelies,

Well, I have now been blogging for a year!

Honestly, If somebody had told me back in January that I would have over 70,000 views in my first 12 months I would have laughed my head off. I have definitely learnt a lot on the way, and have taken over 3500 fashion related pictures in the past year! I guess around 10 a day is about right

So I just wanted to celebrate a beautiful year, with some lovely pictures of some of the people and things that have meant so much to me this year.

Everybody should try this - it is amazing what you forget, and I guarantee you will smile just looking back and remembering some perfect and precious moments. They are not always the biggest days out, sometimes a coffee or lunch with friends stands out as a complete highlight........

I treasure this picture - taken at the start of the year - as Elli still had normal coloured hair!! Since then it has been green, blue, lilac, orange, pink, red and purple .....................

Lunches with Clairey are always brilliant fun. We try and go to the same place as much
as we can, and we have seen every single weather system happen there this year.
From torrential rain to total sunburn! C - you are so lovely!

and Maria - my little Earth Angel
(Angels drink beer - right?!!!)

and then we were lucky enough to get to know Lulu
I never fail to smile when I think about us all together
Such beautiful girls - inside and out

Springtime bought Mia's 13th Birthday
Can't believe I bought up two such beautiful little people (I did warn you it was a soppy post)

and one cake just wasn't enough

Mother's Day bought a card from Elli that I keep close by

and my Birthday found us at Babington House -
Special Memories - so lucky to have my beautiful husband

(See what I mean about the Hair!)

Most months are spent plotting when I will see Vic again
Just the best friend you could wish for

We had some brilliant weekends together this year :)

Fashion Highlights:

Getting my first Mouret Dress

and of course my Hermes Kelly 
That was a massive moment for me!

Discovering all the lovely Hermes accessories you can purchase
probably wasn't such a highlight for PC !!!!!

Finding my amazing Vintage Louis Vuitton Vanity Case

managing to stay up all night in these was amazing!!

and buying a Burberry Coat (Burberry is dangerously addictive!)

The Jubilee and the Olympics made it a summer where London was the ONLY
place to be

and bought birthdays for PC and Maglet

(ooh another hair colour for Elli)

a few more shopping days with Clairey

and lastly it was the year that I got my fabulously glamourous Dressing Table!
A childhood dream!

And I still have a huge Wedding day coming up with Maglet, I am very proud to be her
bridesmaid on Saturday

And then I have my Brother, Sister, Mum and family all here to celebrate Christmas,
and PC's family for New Year.

So a year of blogging, meeting friends, a fair few cocktails, meeting lovely people through Twitter, a few more cocktails, lots of coffee with Tanya
and spending as much time with PC and my girls as I can leaves Jools feeling very, very blessed.

Thankyou 2012 xx


Muffin Minx said...

<3 this and you


Jools said...


Michelle said...

Aww what a lovely post Jools. Your blog is one I look at each day for inspiration...Its been great meeting you on twitter too. Here's to fabulous 2013!!!

siobhan harley said...

Fab! Love reading your blogs and seeing the fantastic things you buy! Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! X

Urban Butterfly said...

What a lovely post, what a fabulous year you have had!
Love I'm your little Earth Angel. You have been one of my highlights this year, especially with the tricky early part of 2012. Fabuous Friend x x

Anonymous said...

You really have a beautiful family, friends and wardrobe! Congrats on your first year and cheers to the future!

Jools said...

aww Thanks M, I feel exactly the same - we are in different time zones, but definitely everything else is so similar with us ;) even shoe size!!!

Jools said...

Thanks so much Siobhan - hope you have a fabulous Christmas too :) x

Jools said...

Thankyou darling :) xx

Jools said...

Aww thankyou sweetie - that is so lovely x

Style At Every Age said...

Great post honey. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, your first post seems like only yesterday and long may I continue to live my fashion dreams through you! You crack me up with your quick wit and honesty and I sometimes wonder how come I feel like I really love people I have never met but then I always was a good judge of character. Happy Christmas dollface xxxx

Jools said...

I know, it only seems like 5 minutes ago I did my first post. You made me go all soppy reading your post. We were meant to find each other missy :) I WILL be around when you get your 2.55 - it is gonna happen :)