Monday, 7 January 2013

Skirting around the issue .........

Hi Lovelies,

Can I just say a huge Thanks for the amazing emails and tweets that I woke up to today.

It certainly makes you realise that there are so many more lovely people that you find, than the occasional odd one and we don't always fully appreciate that perhaps. So Thank you again for making me realise that.

I also got excited emails about the bag that I wanted now being further reduced! YAY

I knew it would happen, but you never know when, so the heads-up this morning was so helpful. I was very grateful!

So I bit the bullet and went for it, and got it for 50% off at Net-a-Porter. I am so glad I did, as it has sold out now. I am of course on a bag ban now though.

Today's blog contains skirts!

Now I must admit to being a little fashion lazy! Given the option, I will always choose a dress over a skirt because it is a one piece and I do not then have to worry about what I will pair it with!

But skirts are big news right now, so I am willing to give them a little more attention!

This was the one that got me thinking about them more.
It's kind of sexy, but you could easily dress it down for daytime
(would be nice with shoe boots for right now too)

Drape Panel Skirt - Helmut Lang at Matches £165

and for lazy girls, there is a dress too!!

Slack Drape Panel Dress - Helmut Lang £250

 Spiral Thermal Linear Skirt - (fabulously mad) Dion Lee £625
you probably wouldnt want to tumble dry this one!!!!!

Scale Textured Skirt - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania £280

This top is so pretty (can it be summer already!)

and looks so cute with a pencil skirt

Amaryllis Rose Print Top - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania £265

Rock n Roll Pencil Skirt - Versace £445

Tomorrow will be all about finding some gorgeous High Street Alternatives

Thanks for reading x


Jenny B. said...

Choosing a dress over a skirt, that's something I would do! I love dresses for the same reason you do because they are easy to pair with and even easier if it is a floor-length dress.

However skirts are always good to add some variety anad your post just gave me the urge to go skirt shopping. My favorite is the Helmut Lang one, love the asymmetrical hemline. The Versace comes in at a close second because of the fun print.

Great finds Jools!

ASH said...

Love Helmut Lang and the dress and skirt are both great :-)
Glad you got your bag. xx

Jools said...

Thanks Ash - I love the HL too - still love the dress more than the skirt tho - gonna need to slowly stop the dress addiction !!! :)

Lorien said...

Is that the Mulberry bag I am thinking of? If so YAY - happy for you! x