Friday, 1 March 2013

Chloe go back to the future ..........

Hi Lovelies,

A Friday question for you! Do you have a piece of clothing that you never managed to bag at the time and that you have regrets about still? A piece that you find yourself doing sporadic searches for on ebay "just in case"?

There are a few that I can class as "the one's that got away" and they STILL get to me! It was mainly for financial reasons back in the day that I missed out, or the dreaded wait list .........

The first that always comes to mind was the original corseted Dolce & Gabbana dress with floaty butterflies on (it is a little too old to even find any decent internet piccies of it). I think it was circa 1998. It was the first designer dress I had ever really wanted and I saw it in the burgundy colour with grey butterflies all over it and a tight corset top. Louise Redknapp wore it on her wedding day to Jamie). I wanted it so much I thought my heart might burst!

And then there was the Stella McCartney for Chloe Horse Dress in S/S 2001.Ahhh it was just perfection. It was strapless and silk with a huge horse on the front.

oh and there was a pair of Balenciaga Zip Front Shoes from S/S 2005

And the one that got away, that was affordable were the original Chloe Braid Jeans - oh they were EVERYTHING! High waisted, with double plaits, just the right shade of blue that looked like you had worn them for 5 summers flat, and they were flared - I did everything to get a pair but I was not fast enough. New Look bought out a homage and I bought two pairs! They were designed by Pheobe Philo (my favourite ever Chloe designer) for S/S 2004

Well now, to celebrate their 60th Birthday, Chloe have relaunched some of their most iconic pieces - including MY jeans, and so I finally have a chance to own them!

BUT - If we DO finally track down a dream item, can they ever truly live up to the hype that we have lifted them to in our heads? And most importantly - are they still relevant and have they stood the classic test of time?

Here is a close up look at some of the other pieces available from Chloe and online at Net-a-Porter


Chloe High Rise Braid Flare Jean £330

Chloe Ananas Iconic T Shirt (Designed by Stella McCartney in 2001) £230

Chloe Python Boots (originally designed by Phoebe Philo in 2004) £1710

and who didn't want a pair of the original stacked platform sandals!

Leather and Wood Wedges (designed by Philo in 2006) £510

Leather Trimmed Cape (designed by Hannah MacGibbon for 2009) £2605

The Camera Leather Shoulder Bag (again designed in the Phoebe era!) £1415

and would you go here again?? or did you keep your original Silverado!!

Chloe Silverado Tote £1325

Silverado Python Leather Bag £2210

So darling readers - should I go forwards and buy by going back!
And what do you think of the Chloe retrospective. Does it make you nostalgic?

I would love to hear about your one that got away too!

Thanks for reading x

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Michelle said...

OMG Do it Jools!!! I want those Python boots! If only I was tall!