Monday, 18 March 2013

Valentino Rockstuds !!!!

Mia and her Mini Me - Hello Kitty!

Hi Lovelies,

We headed into London yesterday to check out the Dior Exhibition for ourselves and it was brilliant. Completely free and actually better than the Christian Louboutin Exhibition and the recent Valentino one - both of which you had to pay to see!

Best of all, they are happy for you to take as many pictures as you like, I totally recommend a visit - it is  fabulous, and has not helped one little bit with my Lady Dior Bag obsession ........

Another rainy grey day in London meant that Jools Wore my new All Saints jacket

after a look around the Dior Exhibition (and the pop-up shop!) we had a gorgeous lunch at Lauderee

with some bubbles

and lunch gave me time to ponder on a beautiful pair of Valentino Rockstuds

I had tried them on as soon as we got to Harrods and the SA advised me that they were the last pair
available in my size - well, nude does go with everything ...............

I adore rockstuds. A friend of mine rocks the flat ones better than any model
(yep that's you Nadia)
 but I just cannot do flats so I needed to try them in person to see if I could
make the kitten heel (65mm) work for me, or if the higher heel (110mm) would be better

They are selling out everywhere - it is kind of funny how fashion goes around.
A year ago if you had offered me a pointed kitten heel I would have run a mile in the opposite direction - that's fashion for you - a fickle friend indeed.

The higher heel version has just one strap - which were not quite as fun!

As soon as I tried on the little kitten heel it was obvious they were going
to be "the ones' . So easy for summer and like wearing a pair of slippers!

So, do you want to have a little look???

Check out my Arty Shots heheheee!

(and Jo, don't worry! It is not unlucky to put shoes on a table if you have already tried them on and modelled them - they are not new technically now - right!!!)


Thanks so much for reading. I would love to know if you like the Rockstuds too x

Well, I have my Mum coming over tonight so I better get a move on with making a cottage pie!


Michelle said...

Great score Jools! I'm sure you will get loads of wear out of them!

Style At Every Age said...

You took some fab pictures hun! I remember the first time I saw them in the flesh, it was Sept 2011 at London Fashion Week and this girl was just standing there, having a smoke in dark skinny jeans, oversized white shirt and a pair of rockstuds. She looked so freaking cool it was unreal and I have loved them ever since! x

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks M, I have seen the stud light !!!!!! :) xxx

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks Babe, I figured a shoe this fabulous deserved a good entrance !!!

Are they on your wish list :) I am alot in love with them xxx

Anonymous said...

love, love, love! serious shoe envy (again!) :)

Jools Cockayne said...

awww thank you so much :) xx