Saturday, 16 March 2013

J'adore the Dior Takeover of Harrods ....... !

Hi Lovelies,

From today until April 14th, Harrods (my absolute favourite store!) has had something of a takeover by the House of Dior - A Dior Wonderland has been created!

The hugely ambitious project took over 18 months to plan and create (you may recall that Chanel took over temporarily last year) and includes a cafe where you can dine on Dior Macaroons and cupcakes, a Dior display in every window, an exhibition of some iconic gowns and of course  another pop up shop!

On display are some of the incredible Dior outfits, including the gold dress worn by Charlize Theron's in the infamous perfume advert, and the Oscar dress that Elizabeth Taylor Wore.

This incredible gown below is from Raf Simons debut Haute Couture Collection for the House of Dior.
The installation and display of this beautiful creation is stunning.

On the 4th Floor, the Georgian Restaurant has been turned into a Dior World, complete with a giant dolls house which houses pieces of furniture that are created from J'adore fragrance bottles, and on exhibition are videos of previous campaigns, and all around are beautiful London landmarks, with the dove grey touch of Dior, each bearing of course the Dior Stamp!

Some celebrity pictures taken last night before the official launch today ......

Some of the Limited Edition Lady Dior bags that will be available

I absolutely cannot wait to go see this up close, and I think the girls will adore it too.

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