Friday, 26 April 2013

H&M Icons Collection and some new wedges .........

Hello lovelies,

I hope the week has been good to you - my week has been lovely - helped enormously by a dollop of sunshine which even saw us spend time tidying the garden yesterday. I am so impatient - 6 months of frankly dreadful weather and I expect the garden to be looking like something out of a home magazine after a single day of working on it!

A Robin Redbreast has decided to build her nest in our garden - but not in one of the plentiful high trees at the back - no, low down in a magnolia bush when we have cats and dogs!!! The poor birds fell out of the nest and sadly only one survived. We have built a nest out of a wine box!!! Mummy Robin has found it and is feeding her in there - so we are all really hoping this gorgeous baby is going to be ok. 

My H&M Icons leather jacket finally arrived (I promise it is my last leather jacket, and this one is
entirely the fault of Miss Nadia - you need to stop making it look so good missy!)

It is a really lightweight one and I am really taken with it.

It has been the subject of so many beautiful blogs in the past week since it was released - It is incredible how many fashion bloggers have already styled it.

There are so many more beautiful pictures out there than mine, but I am delighted to have found one.

Jools Wore it straight away with a Zara Blouse and Topshop Leigh 7/8th Jeans

Here are some other pictures of this jacket in action

My annual search for the perfect summer wedge has begun!
It is probably the most important single buy of the year, as your feet get hot, and this is one purchase where they really, really need to be comfortable BUT they also need to look as good with little dresses as theydo with white jeans, floaty items, etc ...........

I saw this pair while reading Vogue this week - gah it is depressing that I even
thought about Ugg Wedges while reading Vogue, but I am a realist when it comes to summer
shoes - and pain in summer is very unattractive - nobody likes seeing a hobbler in a sun dress!
And I kinda figured that an Ugg sandal would be incredibly comfortable!

So I have ordered these from My Wardrobe to see if they could be 'The ones'

Ugg Tawnie Suede & Rafia Wedges £110

But I was out shopping with my friend Maglet today, when I spied these beauties ........


'Wedgewood' Studded leather Wedge - Russell & Bromley £99.50

I just loved everything about them, so will do a modelling picture of these tomorrow
and the Ugg ones if they arrive, and you can tell me what you think!!

Thanks so much for reading



Michelle said...

Love the jacket! And so wish I could wear wedges...but alas I always seem to trip over when wearing them. Morning Jools

Style At Every Age said...

Love the jacket also. I prefer the Ugg wedges. I went to one of their press days last year and fell in love with their summer footwear. I really like the others but i couldn't walk in a wooden wedge x

Jools Cockayne said...

I know what you mean M, its getting the right balance with a wedge for me - too much platform at the front and I topple too :)

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks S, yes the R&B ones look like wood, but they are not, they are like a spongy cork so actually very comfortable.